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Welcome to Christ is the cure with Nick Campbell. Here. We bring you theology apologetic and a resource for growth on the basis of scripture alone, sit back and enjoy today's episode. April. Welcome back to the show. This is episode seventy six I didn't realize the last time that seventy five apparently is a big deal. It's like the seventy fifth anniversary. And so we did have that last week. And I just kind of blew over because I didn't really think twice about it. But someone mentioned a that's a pretty big deal. The numbers of episode on the show haven't really made an impact on me per se. But I guess it is quite they complement Schmidt that we made it to seventy five episodes. I say it all the time. I didn't expect it to go like this. I didn't expect to come this far so to speak. So before we begin the next episode of the series, which this is on time believe it or not we are going to have a couple of guests in the next couple of months. So look forward to that. They should be interesting. And if you are in the Houston area, there is a conference. It's a one day conference is just a Sunday from ten thirty two probably about four with Jason Lisle who is rigidly from answers in Genesis. And he's a reformed astrophysicist who focuses on Genesis quite a bit. So the conferences on. The creation account and on how. The heavens declare the glory the existence of God. And it should be good. Jason Lyles pretty awesome. So if you're in Houston area, just send me an Email, and we can talk about Nick dot com. Black crisis occurred dot org. That is on January twenty seventh. So if you're in the Houston area, January twenty seventh it's on a Sunday. Let me know that can give you the link seeking out the information, and I can meet you there. So if you let me know if you're there, then we can shake hands and talk a little bit. That'd be pretty cool. So today is the deity of Christ. Part two. And I realized that I didn't want to just keep regurgitating the same information. So this may be significantly short. We talked quite a bit about proof texts. And really there's so many paths. You can take on this discussion. But the point remains vastly clear that Jesus was fully man fully God hundred percent God one hundred percent, man. And I know that mathematically seemed a little bit out there. But it needs to be stressed that. There was nothing less than fully God in him. There's nothing less than fully man at him. So in the last episode on the need of Christ. We gave some examples of texts that express Christ as God. Give me second here. What did I just do nothing and Lord, and as well as text that point to the DEA Christ, you notice that really we didn't talk too much about the standard proof texts. We talked a little bit about John one one believe John one one through three, but we didn't talk about. Phlippines? We didn't talk about Colossians because those are really the obvious ones that really the only way to eat around the MS by injecting your own. Meaning it's the texts by doing some weird interpretation, which I have seen John one one butchered, and so many ways just let John say what John is trying to say let the Holy Spirit speak, and the the amount of gymnastics you have to do to let John one turn into something else. Other than what it is is just amazing anyway. So we briefly spoke about the reality of that crisis. Eternal that the messiah would have been expected to be defined a divine in some shape or form and summer. We express that Jesus is the terminal son of God who is on earth before we divine fully, man. So how far this is going to go. Not sure basically, it's hard to say because of the amount of evidence throughout scripture. The new desma is laced with claims of deity. It is almost impossible to read the New Testament without running into at least one proof text. And each chapter. I would even say, regardless Lewis Berkoff rally noted that the proof is so abundant that no one who accepts the bible is infallible. Word of God can entertain any doubt on this point that is the DD Christ. So there has been a variety of discussions on Jesus self consciousness. It seems as if there has been discussion on whether or not Jesus believed himself to be this journal son of God in films and books as killing Jesus by Bill O'Reilly present a confused son of God who must discover who he is. And then live that out after the fact, I don't know if you saw that killing Jesus was supposed to be a historical retelling of the gospels. But whenever you read the gospels you see that Jesus quite aware of who he is. It wasn't some shocker as killing Jesus portrayed it. Especially in the film. I didn't read the book. But of course, there is no scriptural basis for that idea as I just noted. Jesus favorite title will send a man which then denotes that super human nature that we talked about in Daniel, and there is more to consider through that though they angel of God Luke twelve eight or nine are referred to by Jesus as his angels in Matthew thirteen forty-one. So equates the angels of God with his angels. And the same goes for the kingdom the God's kingdom. And then he refers to as my kingdom. So you can see that kind of parallel that what is God's is Jesus. Because why? Well, we mentioned the forgiveness ascend as being an exclusive word of God. And I've had. Some people counter this, but really throughout the Old Testament. You see that vote? Actually, you see the testimony that God will be the one who saves the people God will save the people God is wanting forgive sins. And you see that throughout all the Old Testament and the trinitaria Nep. So we talked about this tax where it says he always sending y'all way. And it's like what does that mean? Well, it only makes sense within the context of who Jesus. Regardless we see the reaction of people around him that confirm this reality. Jesus notes that he will judge the world and he sits on the throne, which is an activity of God alone. You can begin seeing why the truth Trinidadian ISM is hard to separate from. From scripture. God doesn't share his throne. He doesn't share his glory or his power yet, the father and the son both excise works of God. And he's referred himself. As the Lord of the Sabbath in Matthew, twelve eight Mark to twenty eight Luke six five which would have been blasphemous in that God could claim such a thing. But not someone else he created an established the Sabbath and for anyone else to claim that he was the Lord of the Sabbath would be he quitting himself to the creator. And here's a thing. With that reality almost every time. The Sabah's mentioned there's some type of tax points to the deity. And we just need to recognize that we need to look at all the examples of where people try to pick up stones to stone Jesus for blasphemy because that's what he was doing. He was saying he was equal to God. He was God. Additionally, the one with the father, well, some heretics will say that the father was in Jesus because of the dwelling Holy Spirit or the nature of Jesus birth which they go into different theories of that. But it would be unwise separate the portion of scripture that finishes that same sentence. It says yes, the father was in Jesus. But I am in the father to no end to see Jesus didn't know and see the father, John fourteen seventy nine. So we have to stress that that it wasn't just the father in dwelling the sun. But that the sun was also in the father, there is essence the relationship which has been what we've been arguing for since the. Trinite hearing episode to begin with. He, you know, once and like, I said, I say this all the time once you once you change something and trying to terrorism you effect, Chris dodgy quite dramatically, and then you have a different Jesus. And so we need to make sure that we're paying attention to that. I must continue that. If there is any doubt, I will say this over and over again, the Jews of his day knew exactly what was being conveyed whenever they charged him with blasphemy. They save themselves. He's making himself equal to God. In John five eighteen in fact, stoning for blasphemy would have been the proper response. That's what the law says and live the twenty four sixteen. They would have been doing the right thing. If Jesus was not who he said, he was and he would have been breaking the law thing about that. He would have transgressed the law. If you was not saying the truth Jesus words in Matthew twenty six sixty three are clear negation of deity as we have not previously given the authority and power of the sovereign God. Now, a fascination her fascinating examination and Jesus handling of the law. So we have to think about this. Because we we go through the sermon. The and it's all finding dandy, but we never actually think about what is being said here Jesus make statements such as you have heard. But I say. Whenever he's talking about like the sermon on the mount, and he is talking about commandments that have been given any expands on those commandments. So we see this. Statement essentially by Jesus placing his authority equal with the law, and he lays down teachings. In addition. He expands on those law, something that only the thirty of God can do this goes back to the Sabbath idea only God could do that. No one else has the authority to expand on the law to make his words equal to the law. You have heard, but I say only God could do that Colossians as well. Denotes DVD and one one one fifteenth or twenty and two nine you'll notice that I haven't brought up Philippians two five to eleven because I brought it up during the sewed on the incarnation. And there's this big theory about Keno SIS, and we basically stated my position and that episode, and so if you know anything about that theory, you got my interpretation of

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