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Com is the website if you're up in that neck of the woods and You want to put in a time slot or do that. Why not help out Darren and everybody over there as we get through this time? Outside of the Business Darren House grand parenting life man there is. Everybody always told me it would change my life and I kinda discounted that a little bit. you talk about. Change Your Life. I mean just just crazy you know and we've been so busy at the restaurant. I really only get a see they by you know maybe once a week maybe twice. If I'm lucky actually you know tomorrow morning. I haven't seen him all week long tomorrow. Morning's by I'm going to go to breakfast. Sneak out for breakfast at seven. Am and go take breakfast to my daughter and getting to spend a half hour with him tomorrow morning so kind of excited about that I. It just brings a fresh joy to our life that nothing else matters. No matter how bad your day goes when you see the picture of the old Griffin man it it just brings you right back you know for me. It's it's weird because You know I'm sure you're not marking time like I would like to thank. Everybody does but you've been coming on this show at least for eleven years and I remember when we did the big brisket roundtable with you and Rod Steve Fair and when you guys were all chasing team of the year back then it never occurred to me all the way back then that I would be talking to anybody other than Darren. War that pitmasters guy. And now it's Darren worth pitmasters guy but also life changes life evolves. We all get older and now he's a grandfather because guess what we're all getting older year after year so evolution of life and a whole other even a grand parenting has to be better than any G see that you've knocked down so far right. Oh just just just amazing and I I actually what? It's just going to get better better. But he is. He is just I mean he just it. It's just something about. He just has many expressions. He's got one hundred expressions and he'll show them all in a matter of thirty seconds. You know so it gets a little. When he comes over to our house at night he gets a little grumpy. So that's why do breakfast business now? Instead of night visits because he seems to get a little more cranky when he comes to visit. Papa me So you know we we just over breakfast time and these happiest could be more than just like me. Get Him One. He's happy no doubt about now tomorrow. Darren we're going to be unveiling exclusively here on this show. We like to do the nine semi finalists for the two thousand twenty Barbecue Hall of fame. That class of course will be introduced in three weeks time after that on the twenty seventh you give any thought to getting into the Barbecue Hall of fame. Is that something that You I guess everybody would like to have it happen. I guess if you're in the industry but if it didn't happen would you even think twice about it now? I'm I'm not enough to be there. You're not old enough to be Chris Lilley's in there. I don't think I'm old enough to be there. I can you know you know the one thing about the Barbecue Hall of fame and I love the program and I love everything. That's happened The only the only issue that I have is. You know there's people on the inside and all you know that have had changed the sport forever but maybe not in the public eye you know for instance old Dave Old. Dave stamper out of Indiana. I guarantee Dave has taught more people how to barbecue than anybody else. But nobody's really ever heard of it. The old timers no of him But the but there's guys like that that their heart and soul was just into teaching and it wasn't about classes causing money. It was like hey come over here. I'll show you what to do for years and years and years so I I'd like to figure out some of that spirit. I mean I think I think Bill Arnold should have been there a long time ago. you know. He's one of the guys. That's the most deserving I mean think about blues hogs think about blue's hog and competition barbecue. I mean is there been any other product that had such a profound effect on competition barbed view as blue. Yeah no doubt I mean I think you say competition barbecue in the mind. Just kind of immediately goes to blues hog or Many of the other attempts add blues hog that are probably carrying a different label. I mean it's certainly a brand a flavor that has gone on for the one was the first time you used it or even heard about it. Oh I mean it was. It was years ago. I mean I BILL. Arnold used to deliver it to me In the back of his truck and was funny he would he would show up and he'd run these routes and he'd stop here at TNT landscaping hog as by redoing acne. And He'd show and the cases would be all wet in the back of his truck from raining and he was. He was making that sauce in his kitchen. You know and and we would. He would make it specially for us even as early as two thousand three two thousand four. You know we weren't. We weren't getting the something that was made. In fact rule gives us something that was made Kim and that happened for years You know until it got so popular and thing so Yeah been around a long time. There's things like that like smoking guns Barbecue. You know so it was a great mentor. Remind he's another one that should be on that list about how he's changed he was he was my original mentor in the restaurant. Business and in the competition world so You know and so when I truly good friends and usually talk at least every other week I if not be attached about what's going on so well. Those seem to be the pinnacle products. He was smoking guns hot. It was blue's Hog. I think similar NDOC was was in there as well like those. Were the pioneers right head. Country is well head country. Yeah I always. I always tell people you know. Today's rubs You know kind of they all have the same thing I mean. There's not much those were the original and I think you know not taking a little bit back to using some of those you know and there's certain things like you know smoking guns hot that you know they've they've made a little change in there made it because of me. 'cause we actually use that revenue restaurant we buy politics the time and we had You know we had a deal that customers kept talking to us about MSG and and how bad MSG was and certain things and they kind of caved into the pressure and said hey token you make me make me a batch of smoking guns hot with no MSG and they had to kind of reformulate a little bit and then fill thought it was a pretty good idea Of this for himself to just kind of switch over that whole Labor well what he didn't realize that it was a detriment to a lot of barbecue cooks Without having MSG but you know. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to announce but I have the first box of the new smoking guns hot original formula sitting in my car right now all right well we'll Anxiously await your social media review when she gets your tongue on that no doubt about so I mean obviously you guys would be you know pretty far into a competition season at this point or at least getting your feet wet. What do you miss most about competition? Is it the camaraderie and seeing those old friends and Getting to those contests you really like. Whether they're bigger not while I just the people you know just hanging out with the people Second of all it's the food you know. I mean it. Just you know almost brings tears to my eyes that we weren't able to go to Hammond. Louisiana Pensacola Florida and kind of do that annual trip. We always do and just eat our way along the coastline and seafood. And get a you know. Stop in and see our good buddy. Kevin Greenbelt is the butcher shop. Even though I don't really buy stuff he's still a great friend of mine. WE JUST. We just have a good time and we always stop there. And there's you know going down to Toronto and seeing Brad and getting some Buddha and cracklins and Just everything about it. I mean it's just it's tough but you know the fact that matters. I really haven't had time to even think about competition barbecue. Today was kind of the first day that I really sat down for a second and say wow. Where did that go? You know where. Where do we go from here? Because I haven't even looked at schedule. Truthfully I mean I know it's going to be a very compacted schedule. I think it's going to be like a NASCAR race. It right at the end that we're GONNA be going every weekend strong in August September all the way through the end of the year outside of the competition. It appears you might have filled some of that hobby with collecting bourbon bottles. You like a. What's more expensive Barbecue competitions or Burgh unskilled. I.

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