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With Max and Stephen Here's your host, Gary Stein. That's part of the week on understanding CBD. I'm Gary Stein. Times Stephen Woman. What about him? MAGS Several MAX Here Max. Max is headphone isn't working. Hey, let me just tell you something about him. He had 30 minutes to make sure this thing was working. And then he didn't make sure it was working. And now it's not working. And you're up to the microphone and say hello. Even if your headphones aren't working, this's understood Art. Everybody hear me? Yeah, we can hear you. All right. Sorry about that. Tell us who they are, Max. Thank you. Wonderful equipment at the studios made this happen today. Wonderful. And this is understanding CBD. We're here each and every set Sunday afternoon from 2 to 3 PM right here on talk Radio. Six CBM, As I like to say we're not some 100 company were randomly not randomly located somewhere in the U. S have no idea who you're talking to. It's sector. We are a 443 company. Where local Right here in Baltimore. The most important thing we're trying to do. Be a reliable source of information and knowledge when it comes to CBD. Also, information discussed on the show is for general educational purposes only and does not provide professional medical or legal advice. Here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna give you two phone numbers. You ready for it? Get out your pad and 10 not notice that pencil No stick no. Before 192 to 66 80 again at number 41092 to 66 80. That's the phone number to call us until three o'clock this afternoon. And the other number is 443743 to 444. I'll give it again. For what 44374324 for four. That is direct line to Max and Stephen 24 7. You call they answer. No, you know, answering service, whatever they will into the call, All right, coming up on the show. Today we tackle the question. Could CBD player role potentially in weight loss? It's a question asked by many written about extensively and today we'll have a young lady from Baltimore give her story as she continues to transform her path with plant based remedies. CBD being one of them again, tackling the question of CBD and weight loss at 2 45. Dr. Doubles down on that CBD in weight loss. How does that look and then to 50 more anecdotes from satisfied Max and Stevens customers on our segment we affectionately call Affectionately. Yours affectionately. That's what she said. Hey, that was I think the best male sac we've ever done Harmony wise, right? Correct. Didn't even practice guys. How are you? Fantastic. Very, very good. What kind of weak you have in CBD wise? Great CBD wise. It's always great. Okay. What about is great? We've seen great things. Great transformations this week. We have a great interview today with some really good friends of ours. Now they become friends. I feel like they're like your best bud is Stephen. Orrin? My God, These guys are stand up, guys right there, Listening. And they say, each person you meet is a small fraction of actually the audience minute. So you know, we've really love the wcbm audience as an extension of Steven or just fantastic. The Right, Max? Yeah, 100%. We love the fact that they pay attention and listen to the show, and they've got great feedback for us. I also had an interesting thing Come up this week to super fan of ours. Who? Who listens to the show and prefers to go, You know, be a little bit mysterious. His name is Wesley Dunhill International Man of Mystery. Don't don't. Don't you dare try to Google that name in the process of doing that right now find no information about it. But any relation to the Dunhill cigarette family can't say top secret. This guy. Is this guy's never know. Never know safe. And the point is that not only is she a show listener and a fan, but he's also a user of our product. But we're not allowed to disclose anything else about him. So thank you, Mr Donner. Yes. And he does a really good mail sack. Great. Ah, great. Sounds great and rendition. Very good rendition of mail sack. Maybe he'll call in one of these days. Did he do it at the way did not at the Farmer's market if we saw him at the farm I tell you that, OK, by the way, you're looking very Joe Rogan ish again today. Yeah, I know my wife actually come out here this morning. Left s O, You know, she actually did a half. You know how you have, like, a half along too? So we did a half today, So it's like tighter than usual. You know, around looking sharp looks good. Thank you. Appreciate it. So, Hey, you had good weather, the Paxil farmers market. It wasn't too hot, not ruin this weather. All right, and Stephen Oran came by. And just for the new listeners who may not know Stephen or now come by the last two weeks in a row. If I'm not mistaken, that's the back story. And then we'll do the interview. Yes, I think Originally Orin called Steve. They had a chat on the phone and then Orin called are Steven and they had a chat on the phone. And then Oran brought his friend Steve, who happens to be named Steve also to the farmer's market, and you know they were curious about the product. They wanted to find out more about it. You know, we chatted with him. Obviously, they bought some in the two weeks later, because we had missed one of the farmers market is on the weather. So two weeks later, they came back after using the product and giving us and they gave us feedback about it..

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