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Stimulating conversation this is news talk twelve ninety aw here's the latest from abc news i'm dave packard president trump overnight arriving in china visiting the forbidden city this morning along with presidents she earlier while still in south korea the president had strong words for the north korean regime abc's karen travers is traveling with the president president trump with the show sharp methods to kim jongun do not underestimate and do not try the united states the weapons your acquiring are not making you safe they are putting air regime in grave danger every step it take down this dark s increases that peril if face the president said he came to the peninsula to deliver this message directly to the north korean dictator had we just learned that russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has confirmed that vladimir putin ease ready to meet with president trump at the apec summit in vietnam this week back here at home voters have given democrats the first big win since president trump took office in a new jersey democrat bill murphy easily won the race to replace governor chris christie iin extremely humbled jet grateful and proud to accept the responsibility you have given today to serve as the next governor of the great state of new jersey the virginia governor's race democrat ralph northen beat former rnc chairman edgar less b by nine percent and history was made in virginia tuesday night the people of virginia's 13th district pick the first ever openly transgender woman to be seeded in a state legislature delegate elect danneker rome following her victory tuesday night had a message to the kids watching at home who know they're not like everybody else i know what it's like she unseeded one of the state's most socially conservative lawmakers thirteen term legislator build bob marshall who earlier this year introduced a bathroom bill and is held a seat the.

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