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To see. Be coming out party of what turned out to be. One of the most profoundly brilliant unique voices in cinema. How'd you guys get linked up. He had been doing a lot of research because he liked to do monster murray's so he was doing research in aesthetic of makeup so that he could create he could get the facility to create his own lobsters because there was no word a lot of special effects makeup artist in mexico so he figured if i want to create these these these creatures. I'm going to do it myself. He came to the united states. He started with rick baker. Dick smith stan winston and i had already done a shit load of special effects makeup jobs so he kept seeing the over and over and over again and he wrote me this beautiful letter and he send the script of cronos the most sophisticated elegant band. Pryor movie i've ever read and told me how important would help them. You do this desperate as when when i i would. I would have been a mailman at that point. You know that was just gonna to bring a paycheck But yeah that was that was. That was the beginning of it and we. We fell in love with each other. No not in a sexual way while you know but anyway we We became hermanos. You know Opposite sides of the same coin and the in in the way we thought in in our aesthetic in the way we like to grab life by the balls and eat our way through it So we kept doing it to the point where. I just finished my sixth movie with him. couple months ago called nightmare alley which is about to come out sometime this year. What's it like like now that you guys are doing these huge budget movies together. Desert like a stop in kennedy smell the roses moments that you guys have your leg dude. I can't believe come this far. I don't know do you guys ever just like look out at the ocean. You're like holy. Fuck this i do privately quietly because if if i vice said that out loud he go fuck you. Pieces should pussy still. So i'll sit there and be be a fan boy who your job believe up here i mean you know I still do that. I'm still complete fan boy. I'm writing a another book right now on working on these chapters where i'm grappling with. What happens to me when i have to work with movie stars. And how fucked up. I get you know short-circuited it makes you care totally insecure intimidates. The when. I'm a huge fan. Somebody's work having to That that that that that distracts me more than it should like our brooks drive at a tough one. Yeah that was. That was a tough one. I mean i had if albert brooks had fans in the beginning of his When he first started appearing. On ray alive in saturday night live and stuff like carson that if he had fans back then he never had one as veracious me over issues than me so when i finally get to meet found out there. We're just going to be doing this movie together. It was a big adjust and it was. It was a challenge. I yeah i'm boy. Is that tough scene. Because you're playing the heavy in a lot of stuff so you've got to kind of have the status and a lot of scenes but then you're playing opposite ryan gosling or or charlie hunnam or someone like that that you know it helps when these guys are so generous and so beautiful as humans And they can sense that you're beating yourself up loads so hard and they helped along you know And i have found that With very few exceptions. Most of the guys who i worship are also great guys and he really quickly so you get you get beyond it in your you know you start to be able to give a performance in by the flags get get replaced by you. Know The job at hand but But i'm a fan boy. I'm not gonna change. Say there's a lot of beauty in that too and being so sensitive and feeling that so keatley with all the success that you've had know. Do.

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