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Will also have a russell through the papers have a hit of asia aviation news and hear about the marriage between fashion and television as belmont teams up with channel four first series of short films. That's all ahead here on the globalist life from london. I look at what else is happening in the news. Chinese state media has accused. Us vice president. Kamla harris of trying to create a rift between china and itself east asian neighbors japanese prime minister yoshihiko suge has been holding talks over the feature of his leadership. Is his approval. Ratings fall below thirty percent hospital leaders in the uk or expressing concern over the rising number of deaths and hospitalizations related to covert nineteen and today's monocle minute reports on moves by big tech firms to cut down on their environmental impact. You can read more monocle. Dot com forward slash. Minute do stay tuned to monocle twenty four throughout the day for more on those stories but first we begin the program in afghanistan where taliban spokesman said afghans should not go to the airport or trion leave the country and that women should stay at home for their own safety. Meanwhile us president. Joe biden has refused to extend the deadline for evacuations from afghanistan. Despite the best efforts of g seven leaders at an emergency meeting yesterday. Paul rogers is the international security advisor it opened democracy and he joins me now a good morning to poland. And thanks for coming on the globalist. Can we begin with taliban press conference held in advance of the g seven meeting. They warned against the deadline being extended. Yes clear the expects pistons is up. He'd made it clear that the taliban is in charge those essentially the see that what they've done over the last ten days does really almost a concession to the previous pows who they would regard it as the occupying pals The century they've allowed large numbers of afghans to leave Include and of course the many people who held foreign passports But they've now decided that enough is enough they want to retain The afghans in afghanistan probably two reasons one they do not like the basically all the television stuff which is going around the world rich reflects badly on them but secondly the may be some degree of concern that well-qualified afghans leaving the real thing. Here's what it tells us is something which i think. Western countries possibly x. Not including the united states have found very difficult to believe. They've lost this war. On the taliban basically in charge they closed the airport in and out not just by using a few mortars and the rest And it's an uncomfortable things being extremely difficult for the paeans probably also for anybody else. The boris johnson in britain. Where there's still this view that britain is also one of the world's great pows the g. seven thought yesterday to get america to extend the august thirty first deadline can. Can you tell us more about how that meeting unfolded. because it really wasn't very clear from what biden said he wasn't. I mean what is happened. I think is behind the scenes and we know. This is the case in in mr johnston britain by people face to face and said look. This is it We are ending as planned. That means of course having to get their own people out. In the thousands of american troops. Thousands of americans have into the airport. That's going to take a couple of days. So basically this is all running down astounds the evacuation is concerned By if not before this weekend. Essentially what's the what you get from. The overall g seven group is trying to paper over the cracks and make clear. The good news is coming out. It's too big a thing to do. And the reality is biden's decided whether you agree with him or not. You have to pull the plug of this. It's been a disaster. Let's get it over with quickly seems brutal but that is by decision. Adonis time will tell whether it's something here's own political dimension which actually works. I mean of course. Because he's looking towards the mid terms. I mean he was very much pains to begin his press press conference with news on pushing through the budget and it was as if he was making it very clear that domestic matters were much more important is delivery also seemed very unsure. I mean what did you make of that. Speech probably means more likely that kamala of harris will be the democrat. Contender into a three is time. No i think he's under quite a lot of stress he is determines remember. He's been long being cautious with the whole afghanistan. Woolmer's from the stuff. He is determined to carry this through Against many commentators in some sectors of the american press I think it's been a very tense time for him personally. But the reality is that he is the president His decides on this and he's press through with it however he appears in public and his view very clearly. Is that america's bond laws won't out about gotta stan a while this will be impurity. A disaster in the shorter dot weren't last long. Data is thousands of miles apart from what is happening afghanistan of the disaster. That may be unfolding there. Because we have some indications out of the way in which the taliban will be governing the country he refers to a group. He called isis k. he said enemies of both the west and the taliban yes. Isis car showers a relatively small group. There's been active in afghanistan for years. It's been responsible some of the worst of the atrocities almost settlers responsible for the terrible attack. I think is now may When something like sixty plus young girls at zara school in kabul were killed in a massive bomb explosion. And the czars a cool. Sarah smallish minority. Two million. People have stopped that she embolisms. They've been hugely feel fearful of the taliban takeover day are around There's always this fear on the american side that they would actually a tax at americans I think the theories of this is one of those rare occasions in afghanistan where americans are vulnerable to washer or other attacks suicide bombs at the airport whether it's true or not and whether this maybe device spy biden's team too high the zion t to get the america's home i don't know but that is one group you have these two sort of broad paramilitary groups active in in afghanistan. There's isis k. And of course his al-qaeda which has a much bigger presence But promptly seems to be acceptable in the short to the taliban certainly some provinces visit reported to be active in to fifteen provinces although that was a report from the old afghan government so we don't quite sure how reliable it is now. There were reports yesterday that the cia have been in secret talks with the taliban. Do we have any detail on that. Published in the washington post Yesterday morning interestingly. It's not being denied by the side. Let's say you had to william burns. The director of the making secret visits to kabul properly at the start of this week in and out quite easily at meeting the key people meeting abdul ghani who was basically the keep us now. The taliban side basically a one could has it. I a pretty strong guests while the americans are doing with setting it up with the with the taliban the this is what we will plan to do. Are you agreeable to this. It's that's all people within the american military May find it very difficult to accept As indeed in the intentions ages for the united states has lost this one. The idea is to get out as cleanly as possible clean. The americans not green for the afghans. I mean the. The taliban clearly wants to be recognized. If the g seven countries take the usual path of imposing sanctions. Are they just making it harder for ordinary. Afghans is a degree of cooperation and discussion necessary. And do the g seven nations. A agree on on how to deal with the group are not sure they do. I mean you see in afghanistan. The the todd about of appointed a finance minister acting interior minister. A key security intelligence community Minister they've Appoints a governor of kabul and mayor of the city. That's all going ahead so it looks like they're not planning for an inclusive government was as expected although inclusive not seemed to imply they would work with some of the previous politicians including some who appreciate notorious for their corruption. The reality is taliban do needs to work with other states Here to gain the g. seven is simply not as powerful might think it is because the key countries as far as kind of started a not for the united states certainly not britain it is countries like china and pakistan. An i would has it a guess so maybe wrong in two weeks. Time there when the airport closes in a week's time within a week or two beyond that the airport will re-open probably with help from a pakistani traffic controllers and others You know the world is not how it was the idea that you know the g. Seven is in charge isn't true Nothing that has to be recognized as a very difficult process for. That's the way the world is changing the present time could the g seven work with those countries with with china with russia with with pakistan..

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