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U. T. O. P., Freedom Plaza, White House discussed on WTOP 24 Hour News


Access dot org and equal opportunity lender rates of change in subject credit approval call eight hundred five hundred forty forty for information about U. T. O. P. at six thirty the weather on the expected they've built on in the traffic center generally sensing a convergence of large protests downtown near federal triangle federal at freedom plaza in the White House many many streets are blocked including much of Pennsylvania Avenue northwest near federal triangle between constitution Avenue and fifteenth street fifteenth and seventeenth are blocked as you might expect but many other number streets are also blocked north of constitution Avenue twelfth street tunnel you gotta turn left or right on the constitution you can't go straight ahead into downtown areas and bearing in mind that throughout all of this are the road closures will be unpredictable and police are trying to maintain safety and some semblance of order obviously freeway traffic is light in Potomac and Anacostia bridges are in good shape that is the good news in Virginia there is a demonstration in Dale city they went southbound on route one your cardinal Dr they may be turning around north bound traffic may be stopped now on U. S. route one depending on where they go next I sixty six west bound in Centerville it's a crash near route twenty nine exit fifty two two left lanes are getting by with slow traffic westbound on sixty six Nobel way delays in Maryland or Virginia south bound leaving Germantown Maryland on two seventy the Watkins mill works on his back and blocking the left half two right lanes getting by before one twenty four Montgomery village Avenue Dave goldmine WTOP traffic well let's get back to Amelia draper and storm team four hole would have forced tonight Emelia well tonight most of us will be dry and everybody is warm out there Sean with lows only falling into the upper sixties.

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