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A forty year battle to closed the indian point. Nuclear power plant came to an end last week. As last of his three reactors was permanently. Shut down on. friday indian. Point was once the single largest source of electric power in the state but its presence on the banks of the hudson river. Just twenty five miles. North of new york city has long raised safety and environmental concerns the first reactor shut down in one thousand. Nine hundred seventy four the second just last year. Liz moran with the new york public interest research group calls the final closure a huge victory. This plant pose a major threat. To new yorkers the over mentally really yorkers who live in or work in the new york metropolitan area critics of the closure one the loss of a carbon free source of power will increase. New york's reliance on natural gas at a time when the state is seeking to cut emissions from fossil fuels. I'm andrea sears. Reporting a new program aims to help staff at homeless shelters better care for their. Lgbtq plus clients more than that from suzanne potter experts from the equality california institute have offered lgbtq plus diversity equity and inclusion training to medical professionals for six years. But now they've expanded to include the staffs of programs that serve people who are homeless kandara who teaches the one hour program via zoom says. The key is to place people in the housing where they feel most at ease. But if you have someone telling you they're transgender. Women might feel more comfortable in shelter with men or she might feel more comfortable and shelter with women so really giving folks agency to decide where they feel most comfortable. The training teachers the correct terminology and bandera says it emphasizes the fact that transgender people are not more threatening than anyone else and are more likely to be victims of aggression rene evans with an organization called only kindness that works on rapid rehousing in el dorado county says. The program taught her staff not to avoid the topic of gender identity and more north con employers have changed their time off policies to include sick leave related to covid nineteen but low income workers and those industries considered essential are still less likely to have paid leave. That's according to the north carolina. Justice center kathy colville with north carolina institute of medicine had they think demographic shifts in the last decade so that most children in north carolina are cared for by parents who are working outside the home state. Lawmakers are considering the nc paid family. Leave act and the healthy families healthy workplace act which require employers to offer paid family and medical leave insurance and allow workers to earn a minimum number of paid sick days. This is pms. Committed your struggling with your mortgage you think about it all the time. What are we going to do if we lose the housing. It's time to stop thinking and start dialing call one eight nine nine five hope for free government program that offers expert one on one advice about your mortgage options. We've helped over a million homeowners and we want to help you call one eight nine nine five hope or visit making home affordable dot gov brought to you by the us treasury hud and the ad council. Did you know that birthday parties. Help build confidence in kids. Yeah did you know that giving kids less sugar before bedtime helps them sleep better. Oh totally did you know that friendly kids have more friends. Everybody knows that. Hey guys did you know that. Most people think they're using the right car seat for their kid but they're not. I didn't know that parents who really know it. All know for sure that their child is in the right car seat at the right age and size visit safercar dot gov slash therightseat to make sure your child is protected brought to you by the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council. Can you tell if these vegetables are being contaminated with bacteria that could cause paralysis. Listen they can't see it either. Use different cutting boards so that the bacteria in raw meats and seafood juices doesn't touch prep services for other foods like veggies. Raw food may contain bacteria that can make you very sick or worse. Roughly three thousand americans will die from food poisoning this year. But you can keep your family safer check your steps at foodsafety dot gov brought to you by the usda hhs and the ad council dear. Smokey bear for teaching us how to prevent wildfires. For seventy years. Outdoor lovers would like to say something. Happy seventieth bigeye. Let's bring it in for a bear hug come. On for safety tips. Visit smokybear dot com brought to you by the us forest service your state forester and the ad council. Join me prepare. A collection of cherished family recipes passed to generation watch recipes disaster at foodsafety dot gov. You'll learn the right steps as maria. Does everything wrong brought to you by the h. s and the ad council. Here's a look at weather from the heartland newsfeed weather center monday. Cloudy early then becoming mostly sunny with a high near seventy six monday night. Mostly cloudy with a chance of showers and thunderstorms with a low around fifty. Seven tuesday showers and possibly a thunderstorm with a high near fifty eight. That's the latest weather. Check out more news and weather on our website at heartland new speed dot com. I don't know what i'm supposed to well. I guess i could see if they're hiring over the tom petty factory and hers phil lord knows. I hope that never come to that. The onion news network and now live from the studios of freedom speeding's ernest. Hancock believe me. When i say we have a difficult time ahead of us but if we are to be prepared for it we must i shed our stand here without fear because i remember i remember that i am here. Not because of the path that lies before me but because of the path that lies behind me. I remember the one hundred years. We have caught these machines and after a century of war i remember that.

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