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John Peters, Jon Kate, Ronald discussed on ESPNews


By your guy John Peters is incredible you know here's a honestly that should be the final right there you know no disrespect to the other two guys going but there's no way you can it's not that so you know Jon Kate and so very well and you know we're all very proud of her what about the reaction of the players who are jumping up and down how great was that you know is incredible you know is it the moment or is about and I as a lot of fun and I don't foresee for jogging on top I know he had a blast doing it and yes as long as things that unfortunately outcome but process there was unbelievable thank you Max back to you Ronald a junior Atlanta Braves next offering Britain's a lasting gone now here's one outwards right center that's got a chance this is like the swing and a telephone this is this with twenty one whole six good Peter alone New York Mets eleven twenty seconds to go thirteen he's got ten seconds she she can't move because he Carlos Santana so it'll be a lan.

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John Peters, Jon Kate, Ronald discussed on ESPNews

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