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Yes. Very nice. I can't And you know what? Just who was the latchkey kid? Me, Mary Ann Mobley. Ah, not another relative of Cuttino Mobley. I did not believe somewhere Cotino Mobley somewhere on this planet. Cuttino Mobley is like what you're talking about Me. What? What happened? I thought about cat Mobley in a long time. Who's Mary Ann Mobley? Man? We thought Cat Mobley and Steve Francis. We thought that was gonna be the backcourt duo that that was That was gonna be it. Yeah. Wow. What gets back to the promised land and boy did that not happen? Not while walking shot. Yeah, that one was that that was one of those ones that, like, Look, I just tell you, it could go either way during the kid, Not sure which way it's gonna go. But they told me the way way in the game in the possession. What you're talking about, man over the span of 24 seconds. It was a ride with those two dudes, man. Uh, sales. Other great Super sickles. Soupy sales. All right, P. He was on there is well, I mean, a boy. I wish they would. I should have My God. Give me yet special shout out. I was trying to go old school. Vicki Lawrence old school. She would absolutely, mama, but right below Vicki Lawrence, I got to give a shout out to Vivica A fox. Just because because I want to come on, man. Smokey Robinson. Was on pyramid. Smokey Robinson was on pyramid ice. By the way, Smokey Robinson. He has made a deal with the devil. He's went down to the crossroads because look at the pictures of Smokey Robinson right now and you go back and look at the picture of Smokey Robinson back when he was with the miracles only thing different Is that it's in black and white. Smokey Robinson. He used been around for big clerk. Okay, so and Dick Clark made a deal with the devil. Nobody's dead stuff and not the only Yeah, okay there like he's like. He's like the I mean, He's like the white Smokey Robinson and he's like the black Dick Clark, just like they back there. Who knows it could have the same Didna. I'm not sure you're right. They look exactly the same like dude. What happened to you? Nothing. No problem. Nothing..

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