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Back with you on 77 W A. B. C. And in New York City. Oh, my goodness, even with terrible conditions imposed on us by our non existent mayor. I still always feel more comfortable in New York City. I don't know. It's a close call between New York City and the swamp. One probably has more more criminals. Then New York, New York City. I don't think I've ever seen so many criminals. As the top echelon of the Democratic Party. Well. Well, this is your daily reminder. We're now seven days away from the election of Of a lifetime spoiled boy. On one side. We've got Got socialism, anarchy in the streets. A dead cold crook 30 years, according to his son. We've got a man who Thinks he's running against George somebody. Number that yesterday he was running against George really was amazed at his wife, Dr Biden's reaction to it. You like stood there like this is normal for him to think he's running against George. Whoa! Well, you start calling on the turn of the Tower's Foundation hotline at 1 808 48 w A. B C 9 to 2. Hope the tunnel Tower's foundation to do good. Donate $11 a month a tunnel to towers dot or GE. We've got a very, very interesting show with a very big revelation that will and whatever dispute there, maybe As to whether or not this is Hunter Biden's drive or comes from the Russians or whatever. Realized the Democrats are telling you And I have on the line with me A really, really excellent reporter. Who knows a great deal about the Chinese Communist Party. And has written an article today for the National Pulse entitled Hunter Biden. Audio confesses partnership with China Spy chief Joe Biden named as criminal case witness, Natalie Hi. How are you doing? So you and Rahim, Natalie Winters and Rahim Kasan wrote this article today. And You want to put it in context? Because I have an excerpt from the From What you got off the hard drive. Sure I'll contextualized and provide some of the metadata surrounding this audio file that was found on Hunter Biden hard drives so again over the past few weeks, we've seen a lot of smoking guns, but we at the national both think that this audio recording is the smoking gun to end all smoking guns that reveals not only that hunter Biden admits that he was in business with With quote the Chinese spy chief, But it also talks about how Hunter Biden, long time business partner and friend and roommate of John Kerry steps on Devon Archer named Hunter Biden and Joe Biden as witnesses in a criminal case in the Southern District of New York and as you reference But before that really undercut the mainstream media's messaging, the Democrats narrative that this hard drive somehow is rough in Russian disinformation is a farce. No, it's completely legit. You hear the former vice president, speaking and admitting to a host of crimes? Nothing That's surprising for those who've been following this story for a while. And my understanding Natalie is that this is the first of about three or four hours. Of audio. That possibly he didn't know he didn't know he was putting in the cloud. No in this clip. It's just a minute and 17 seconds. And not only do you have admission to involvement with Chinese Communist Party spy chief admission that Joe Biden is involved with this crime syndicate and get back one minute coming off of what this recording comes from around a 42 minute recording. For fun. It's titled The Boat, Most Genius, an expletive that starts with the word recording ever. But there's around 20 recordings that have been found on the hard drive. We at the national bolster starting to go through them, we've reported A lot of stuff coming from the hard drive. But again, these audio files prove that this is indeed Hunter Biden hard drive in that That's when he says when they hear on the recording the richest man in the World 323 billion. And is now missing. Who is he? Referring to? Oh, that's referencing John May, who is the founder and chairman of the China energy, which for your listeners, they might remember that was the company covered in that original New York Post story of which Hunter Biden was leveraging Joe Biden's names to get the contract in which Joe Biden Extensively referred to as quote Big guy. And again. This company is also listed by our own Department of Defense is a collaborator with the Chinese military, So a lot of shady involvement going on there. And Joe Biden, James Biden, Sarah Biden. And Hunter Biden are all partners. With these people. Jackie. They're all partners of people out, recording says. You see these young May he's now missing Patrick Ho. The individual is currently on trial. So feelings of cast of shady characters. Well, let's go to the Let's go to the audio tape and listen to Hunter Biden, which could should should end for all time. Who's hard drive. This is called for my father to tell me you're calling my old partner, Eric, for how long is the one thing I called? My father will not Stop goes Aaron calling about minors and taking off the little.

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