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If you like. Or alternatively, we could move to happy birthday. George Clooney Temple unmatched the best of 2006 or sports movies. Look, I think I might jump back to sports movie if that's okay, Phil. OK, Katherine is OK. Question Number four. Which 2000 and two British sports film stars per Minda, Niagara Kiera Knightley and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Oh, Oh, you're not like Um Mm. Mm hmm. No, I'm I don't know. Shall upon sorry. No worries that yet You have introduced the world to the Spanish flea. Thanks, Catherine, but likewise, by 1 308 100, Triple two is the number The Duchess is with us too. Hello? Emily Howell. I still can You hear me? Yes. I can hear you. Loud and clear. Did you like the Spanish flu? Good, Because I can have you made Thanks. Not very good now. Have you given it a thump, Emily? Work Have you given to the bank? Even know what a bang thump Give it a bang. I'll give it a bang on the right track it at Did you get into town today, Emily. Had not now I'm going tomorrow. Okay, good. Yeah. Now, I any guy at a like, I could go every week. But I have another being doing a bit of lessee up a lot. You know that. But I'm not going hungry or any thinking about I was any shit like that. All all the pets now ever seen. Sure, right, you know, running low on supplies. Have it. Oh, yeah. Keeping clear of camp for a while. You know enough, that's right off. That's very bad apart from there on the droid. I haven't got that thing yet. Well, you're not gonna get that, Emily. Don't you worry about it. I'm not worried. I am a little bit about that. Now I'm up to Can the Mara and up and I'm gonna get the Children get shot If you family Neither the pie stoppers and take me my life and then put people awake family. You should have a needle for that for that thing Anyway. For that, you should have a needle. You should have a vaccine for that in there that covered thing anyway. Out. What did you sign it? I said you should have a needle. You should have a vaccine. You should get a vaccine that shot No, I'm not having that. I've got it up seat. I've got other complications in my body. And I'm not having that buddy stuff. All right, I am runt again. That cases that can't that can't stay away. Shakes feel that held up. I've got other complications in my body. And I'm typing with all of the piece. I have cried a three different now, that's run and allergies and got nice. What? And that's why I've got to be careful what I had. That's all right. Emily, You just take a second. Look, I got mad enough. Well, that I should pay for that are well understand the sink. Well, let's not get into it him. Answer this person gave it never even What does family coming out with those charges? Emily what What? What Which 2000 and two British sports film stars Per Minden. I grabbed Kiera Knightley and Jonathan Reese, Miles. I walked up. I want a 2002 British sports film. Which stars Perm in the Niagara, Kiera Knightley and Jonathan Race. Myers. Oh, my God. My lobby. Look at just how lie to everybody at them at all the cake Well, and I'm real Well, I have a lot of, say, a big red hot. I No guy and garish said barrel on on the men. Friendship. Really, Jenny? Beautiful. Catch her, Ro. You, Emily. Hey, that's just off double with this. 1 308 100. People to Damon's in Perth collide, Damian Uh huh. So his aunt, just a nobody has that much energy level is 97 to be 98 in September. Which 2000 and two British sports film stars from India, Niagara, Kiera Knightley and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Well, not too good with movies. She's It was two sports film. Um I really don't like Good. That worries Thanks anyway. But boy 1 308 100 triple too. Rock on the sunshine casket. I broke Yeah, sure. Yeah. Very well wrapped a questionnaire before we're in sports movies a song. You don't ask me that shot. You know, I won't be asking you that Uh, the right to question before which 2000 and two sport British sports film stars Pamina, Niagara, Kiera Knightley and Jonathan Ray smiles. I've got it on the shelf a time. I think it's Wimbledon, not Wimbledon. Loads, not Wimbledon. Sorry, Brock. Thanks anyway, statement from that little eaglet. I hate going very well. What do you reckon? Oh, yes, on I just one of the football one minutes. Bend it like Beckham. Correct? Yes, fantastic movie actually bend it Like Beckham. It's a beauty. Uh, all right. Question Number five. We're in sports movies. He can move out of that if you want. Oh, tonight won't be any could have either one. I'll just go for that 11. More time sports movies, which sport features in the 2000 and two make Malloy film crackerjack. Oh, that's long balls correct. Yes. Lawn bowls. Question number 613. Thank you. Brown in the pilgrim. Yes, I agree. And listen, Ballarat. I also also agree. Already. Uh, lots of people have been like bacon brand from Belayneh from Club night from trouble. Mo Madeline, the Sunshine Coast. Gas had a different from the dialogue as well. Glenda and terrible writer Stephen Staying with sports movies are moving in. Uh, yeah. You can stay there. If you think that you are, don't know died and have any opinion on what Stephen, but Yeah, well, Oh, yeah, I will say Sports movies. Question number six Chariots of Fire. Sit at which Olympics.

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