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Stay, eat dinner or officially toward here. Five stars we'll find some useful tips. This is in German. Do not buy back with Eddie and Rocky here on Friday. That's what we like to do about this time. Let's talk to this fella. John Batteries, Channel nine. Don't waste your money. So, John, let's jump right into it. There's a pickup truck shortage. Oh, man, This is bad and getting worse. And I tell you if you're somebody who he's a truck for work, or just was thinking of getting a new Ford F 1 50 because there Just so cool. You know, good luck with it. It's getting crazy stealers around the area. They're just disappearing from the lot. They're not getting him into a photo a card, So you really do have always trucks lined up like in the front and now it's like, you know, they have a little cars, the little you know little SUVs, and in fact, where's the trucks don't have trucks. Well, we hope to get a few in and it turns out That two or 3000 of these F one fifties are parked now with the Kentucky Speedway. We did the report on this earlier this week. In fact, we were the first to record it because we found something that pushed on Facebook and say, Why are all these brand new trucks? The Kentucky Speedway? So we checked into it. We contacted forward and they confirmed. Yeah. Can't get parts for him. They can't get computer chips. We gotta Park mall, so they're building these trucks with Louisville plant And instead of going to dealers, all the four dealers in the region. They're lining them up at the Kentucky State. Hey, at least the Kentucky speed White house and cars there, you know that. That's a good thing. They're actually paying rent, and that's pretty good, but it's sad. I mean, you go down there and it's like, Oh my God. There's like 3000 brand new Ford pickup trucks, all lined up in the parking lot of the Kentucky but you think it was tomorrow is very stay or something. There's all the sands pickup truck. I've been hearing about this chip thing, but Good Lord didn't realize it was that bad? Yeah, It's really hitting home now. You know, people have heard about it Now, for a few months, the chip shoulders who cares? You know, if I need a new iPhone, they got plenty of iPhones. Nobody's really noticing it until the dealers started having trouble getting the big SUVs and pickup trucks and that's what's happening out. Now, if you want a car, they got plenty of cars because People don't buy many cars these days. You know, they just want the biggest TV They want to pick up. But now if you're looking for a new pick up the big G M sees the Chevy Silverado. Ram and the Ford F 1 50. That's the worst sit there getting harder and harder to find. And then the flip side is where if I get like a two year old one Oh, man there, but it's expensive. Is the new ones last week? Yeah, Yeah, Some guy's been driving there for 20,000 miles passing gas in it, like, five times a day. I just thought I could get you know if I buy it. How many times did you actually fart in this vehicle? Yeah, I feel great. That's why my wife never wants a used car. My wife never want to use car if he goes, I know there was some big guy who drove this thing you know, and was eating big Italian sub sandwiches and then passing gas. Dad, you're overthinking a big failure. There's some things you just gotta I think when I walk into a restaurant, I don't start thinking about boy. How do they store the food like time? Do they ever pick up? Someone choose to not think about going into a restaurant and city gonna boo the God, I don't have any people have forwarded on this seat that I'm sitting in a godly I'm leaving aside. No, I do know that what he center. Ford has pickup trucks and stop because I was just there yesterday. But when it comes to the Here's What's interesting, though, too, is People want the bigger vehicles and things like that. And that we came a push one back when gas was like two bucks a gallon, and it's gone up like a buck since November. So you wonder some point as even Chevrolet canceled like the Chevy Cruze, the Malibu and all that people at some point are going to start one. War gas, economic cars right if gas starts going up again, and he hits 3 25 3 50. So only people gonna three think you know, getting those big expeditions and Yukons and Everything else is they Wait a minute. I need something smaller because you know, with gas down it to box or what was it last? You like a buck 75 Give me this. Give me the biggest. Give me the big Julia's biggest Humvee. I could drive gas is so cheap. It was like 30 bucks to fill up and now it's like you're 70 years like, Wait a minute, So it's real interesting to watch what happens to the gas prices. But yeah, they're selling the big SUVs. Now, This is interesting. The Cincinnati Auto Show the Auto Expo is going to right now again down at the Duke Energy Center. I tell you, it's great to see that back because it almost feels like normal times. You know, you go down there you walk around. You see all the cars and trucks That's like, oh, man, it feels like normal times. In fact, the only difference is Required. You don't wear a mask. So Yeah, Percy doesn't you know infuses the mask That's cool. But don't try to go in there because he's gotta have a mask on. But the thing is that they're missing some vehicles, and we're talking to the organizer's down there at the SNC Auto Dealers Association said. Yeah, some of the some of the hot vehicles that were headed here, especially the trucks. Got sold on the way Do you imagine after that? I got, like, you know, trailer truck hauling them in from Detroit. And it's like a skip the conventions that are we just pull this thing off the record there and I'll give you 50 Grand Five, right? Exactly. I like that one pulled it off there. I'm buying me. Let me go back this John when it comes to not getting the chips and what is this is like they can't find the precious metal. I'm sure it has something to do with Cove in or something but issue for sure they come. They come from Taiwan. When they come from Japan. They come from 18 in China, You know the usual suspects, and there was all these shipping delays Last year factory shut down due to Cove It didn't make enough in last year was no problem because people weren't buying that many cars and trucks. Now this year everybody got their steamy check. And that's the first thing they do. They go out of there by that 75 inch TV and they head Their local Ford Chevy or RAM dealer, T o by that truck, and so they can't keep up with the man right now. The other hot one is the Jeep Wrangler. You know, every other person now, once that four door Jeep Wrangler, those are certainly they have one. But there again, they're just starting to get a little bit tight. So, John quickly. What about Kroger with electronic cards? What are we talking about? Here? Yeah. Madura, Kroger, check it out. Pretty cool. They let us in to test them out and their electronic shopping cart that you scan all your items with as you go through the store, so you never interact with anybody. She scans stuff. Put it in. The cards can stuff that you use your credit card and you swipe it in the car. Here's a card reader in the cart. You've taken care of everything you don't understand. In any line, that's cool. That's what that is. Kind of my fate. I got on my Facebook page and wcpo dot com. Check it out, but they're just testing it. They're just testing it. They're testing. You know it. Hey, Come on, man. You know this was gonna happen here almost immediately and then? Very near future. All right, Check it out. Guys. Have a good weekend. Don't waste your money. Thanks, John. So, uh, I sound like that idea, though. Scanning your stuff Put in your cart. Obviously, you bag it yourself walk out. I feel like just like anything. No, it's it's going to solve one problem, but create other ones because you're gonna get some of the charge for something. Why didn't put I put this in my car, But then I took out and then it's still charged me. I don't know. I would love to go to the grocery store, and they had human beings working at the checkout lines. Come on. We'll get back to that. I like that, too. But here's the thing. And you know what really pisses me off when you go through those, Um Self scan lines and to me those things before, like, okay, I came in here to get A gallon of milk and eggs and some eggs and some doughnuts for tomorrow morning for breakfast. No, there's people there with those big giant shopping carts scanning themselves because They feel inconvenience because they go stand in line to have somebody checking out for him..

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