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It all just went underground and you needed somebody to make the booze somebody to transport the booze and somebody to control it. And it became an underground illegal government run by the mob. Now once prohibition ended, and they didn't have the alcohol trade anymore. Where did they go while they went into gambling, they went into prostitution. They went into drugs. They went into the other illegal, the other illegal venues in which there was a demand a market for it, but which no one could get without going through evening some sort of illegal middleman. But the mob the their rise in their Foale was directly tied to the government making something that people wanted illegal. And so most of the crime that we see in the inner city, the populations that we have imprisons right now, largely black kids in their twenties. These are all the result of an illegal drug market that doesn't need to exist the amount of death, the amount of pain, the amount of suffering that would be ended. By destroying the illegal drug trade is uncalculable eight. We're talking the trillions of dollars. And I'm just waiting for them to do it just a question of win. So anyway, to to the men who were standing or kneeling or raising a fist all this stuff. I I don't. I think you ought to be able to do pretty much whatever you want to just recognize that they're going to be consequences for decisions that you make and you need to accept them. You need to accept the fact that a people are willing to accept you wearing pink on the field, but they're not willing to accept you taking a knee when the flag and when the anthems being played that a tough, that's the way it works. Life isn't fair. Things aren't always equal. People don't view all actions with through the same prison, and you gotta be willing to accept the consequences. Okay. On Orosa says, Trump used the n. word and I heard him slur Kellyanne half Filipino husband..

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