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News radio 610 wtvn allison wyatt ohio's unemployment rate dropped slightly in may from the previous month but remains higher than the national rate this sectors that saw job gains include the professional and business services as well as educational and health services meanwhile losses he's a showed up in a leisure and hospitality trade transportation and utilities and information categories and philadelphia's loss is columbus is gain a senior retail group parent of wayne bryant injustice chains says it'll limited 25 jobs involving those central ohio stores but longerterm are going to gain because there are going to close the catharines corporate headquarters in philadelphia and like up also fast retailing like wayne bryant a actually going to move that business uh in with wayne bryant and put them together not gonna meet about a hundred and twentyfive job that's doug buchanan the columbus business first he says the move is planned for some time between august in the end of the year khin steve wins these radio 610 wtvn as for the economy as a whole there are some positive news ellen ends jerry rubbish explains the number of americans applying for unemployment benefits dropped for the second straight week the two hundred thirty seven thousand that's down eight thousand from last week initial claims reflect people who apply for benefits after losing their jobs new applications for benefits of registered less than three hundred thousand four hundred nineteen straight weeks the longest run since the early 1970s a group of republican and democratic governors are echoing president donald trump's criticism of a house gop healthcare bill today they say it would will threaten coverage for the most vulnerable people and their pleading with senate leaders to work together on an overhaul in a letter provided to the associated press seven governors are asking the senate to focus on stabilising the market for individual insurance coverage giving states flexibility and ensure affordable coverage for your abc six first warning weather forecast sunshine today.

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