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Badly past Prince William Parkway. All traffic sends off of the main lanes onto the service road for Dale City and Rip on landing exit. 1 56. What is less clear, though, is if they have fully sealed off that interchange and access to the rest area because on the service road, there is still a steady stream of traffic riding alongside the mainline highway. And that's why we have not successfully bled off traffic at the crash scene, so it seems likely that at least one ramp is still open and drivers. They're still getting stuck on the service road and piling up at the recovery of the tractor trailer, another vehicle that burned between the rest area And the Dale City truck scales. The express lanes are open and they are intended to be so it'll be nearly a dollar per mile with an easy pass If you're solo between Springfield and done freeze, But you can use the EZ Pass lanes. Route One is maxed out south of Lord Need to stop and go down to Don freeze North bound 95 open from 2 34. You could go south on 95. And the beyond the crash. 66 West is heavy and slow, but moving a little steadily. Once you get past Centerville with a couple of crashes beyond 29 cleared bail out on 29, both into Centerville and through the Manassas battlefield. The combination of the two backups on 66 95 western south, leading to very slow traffic south of Clifton Clifton Road, Henderson wrote Old Yates, Ford. Road to cross bull run that way, The Beltway has not been a big deal Today. Volume delays are easing. No major crashes reported at the big bridges at the Bay Bridge. We're down to brief eastbound delays with two way traffic remaining in effect. Columbia route 32 westbound near Route 29 Howard County Fire Rescue sent to a new crash reported westbound On route 32 in a vacation voucher when you purchase a whole house of Windows from Window nation, Plus get two free windows with every to you buy and pay nothing for two whole years Visit window nation dot com. Dave Tilden wt GOP tracked back to a million trippers. Storm Team four. Amillia. Nice comfortable a few days here ahead, right? Yeah, not bad, And then we start to see the humidity build temperature soar. In fact, Sean, I'm tracking likely our first heat wave of the year beginning over the weekend and sticking around. Pretty much all of next week by next Thursday, will have highs in the mid nineties anyways, in the near term tonight, lows in the upper fifties to mid sixties with mostly cloudy skies will have highs tomorrow around 80 similar to today with plenty of clouds maybe an isolated shower out there tomorrow, but most of the region is looking dry, with some showers possible. Overnight Wednesday on into Thursday morning, but by the second half of Thursday, rain and storms are looking likely. Storms could be strong to severe Thursday with gusty damaging winds and heavy rain leading to flash flooding will have highs in the seventies on Friday. We're warming into the low to mid eighties with some scattered showers and thunderstorms out there, but Thursday's looking.

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