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I just want to follow up and close that loop now i can sleep well tonight we need people wanna know my need is at loop to be closed we're gonna we're gonna get to shirley's around and some other things tomorrow but here's why howard stern was so mad when they played when the rock and roll hall of fame aired on television this past saturday night because they yeah they cut out fifteen minutes of his speech he had been talking for months he did not want to do this he doesn't like public speaking at all and he'd been talking on his show forever that he is only doing this for richie sambora and his friend john bon jovi and his other friend david brian whatever his name david brian is his name in the group on jovi and he said i don't want to do this and he worked endlessly tirelessly hours and hours crafting a funny speech and so he felt like a rotting fish this is what he said i really crafted my words i wanted to make people laugh i wanted to have a good time so some editor could determine if it was funny in places they were probably like hey that's a funny joke but we got to cut somewhere and so he said that it completely gutted me that they cut so much i was there talking about we spent a lot of time and they spent three minutes deciding what should be in and out completely gutted me like a rotting fish which i am yeah that's how i got to give the speech to the people who it matters not a seven hour telecast howard they got they cut everything down right sign this show is probably only going to be ten minutes when they're done at any me out all the mistakes we're going to have.

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