Harassment, Matt, New York Times discussed on Radio From Hell


The hospital he got pork shot in the parking lot of the taco bell wellknown i and aliseo showing have aplenty or admit i've been hanging onto the story a it sam spin out for a few days it's another sexual harassment sloughed do we keep track of anal metropolitan opera as suspended james levine it's revered the conductor owes you like a big deal oh yeah whom the in the opera world guy his doctor hair uh does he conductor though there it is and dr hair and he's a he they suspended him after three men came forward with accusations that mr levine had sexually abused them decades ago when they were teenagers a peter galbraith jan were won't manager of the matt announced that the company was suspending him it he's been there 40 years lu levine ass uh they uh they are suspending him canceling his upcoming conducting engagements after learning from the new york times about the accounts of three men who described a series of similar sexual encounters beginning in the '60s um or one a chris brown who played principle base at the saint paul chamber orchestra for thirty years said that mr levine uh uh fondled him when he was when he was a kid he he's seventeen and other um yyou two other men have come forward with similar stories so uh about uh mr levine the full two two he also be biscedie them mm this was this was the most implausible.

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