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Ed Rollins. How you doing? Morning Mark, are you doing? Good. Hey, that's Super Bowl. That performance by Tom Brady. Is that symbolic? Is that a forecast of what's gonna happen with Donald Trump in the impeachment this week? Brady is extraordinary athletes. And obviously I think any of us to watch the game of our long time. What symbol belong time. We're not surprised that he won, I think was surprised by the ease and the perfection. Hey, play as well as he did when he was a young man of 23 24. Now, 43. No one has ever been played football Couldn't position he plays as well as he had, uh, you think in terms of this career He's been in in a 20 year career. He's been intense Super Bowls he's won. Seven of them is one more Super Bowls than any other sports Pittsburgh in and, um Americans on their New England six when he has seven on in for most valuable player so extraordinary, everybody I'd like to be touched, Certainly in my lifetime. Yeah. But so what? I'm saying with Donald Trump in this, you know the impeachment looks like well, he may convict him. They don't have the votes to convict him. What's gonna happen when that fizzles out of what? So it's the last the last shot. Democrats who have Had attracted nationwide audience to sort of lay out their indictment against him one more time. We're all shocked and disappointed, obviously, by the by the insurrection of the capital. To try and prove that he did it. So he was responsible for it, as opposed to the crazies that basically broke into the building and we tried over the next year year and a half eyes absurd. I think a certain extent As we enter. This was starting tomorrow morning. We don't know what the rules were gonna be. The Democrats August to control control the Senate mother by their 50 50 tie and her breaking Vice president breaking and breaking the tie. But we have no idea how it's going to go there talking about four hours the first day to talk about what it's constitutionally not We had that vote a couple weeks ago and and, um, majority they think it's constitutional. But then you need you need 17 Republicans and only five to go to court. So I think at the end of the day, you'll have a you have a weeklong bash. Trump. You know the reminder of all the things that we call upon very uncomfortable in the in the riots, But at the end of the day, Trump will be the three to stay and And, uh, border. What do whatever he wants to do Long term politically, but, uh, it's not something I don't think we want to go to. My biggest concern is Hey, had great lawyers the last time when he had his impeach would you don't know the lawyers that he has today. They're not never bet on a big public stage. Uh, they're not not of Washingtonians. They don't know the The Capitol runs. I worry a little bit about that. Is you gonna gonna have his case made effectively as it was when they tried to impeach him out here? No. Huh? You know what we've seen this a million times were Nixon leaves there? Reagan leaves. And then whenever eventually you get the liberal Democrat in the media just fawns all over him. But how does that go? Usually does the fawning stop after a while, and then they start to go after him. Well, hard to say, You know, we certainly know the four years of Trump. There was never any funny, you know, people like yourself argue the merits of the Trump administration. I think the certain extent there was kind of a trump fatigue in the end it obviously the virus change the whole dynamic second election. What is not gonna basically be argued effectively is so The election, which any Trump would like to do is go make his case again. The election was stolen. Come in the record work by 11 by one big and that's that's the game. Make. The key thing here is as they undo daily, the Trump four year agenda, which is a very significant agenda, but day by day, their undoing every element of anything he ever did. And he'd go make his case to the American public again. These things he was doing was good for the country. The things that they're doing is not good for the country, and that's really the battle for the future. But the press the media given by enough just a total pass and everything. You know these executive orders. Biden has both houses of Congress. And Biden ran saying he's the guy that can go into Congress and get things done and negotiate. So why the executive order? Shouldn't he be in Congress getting walked in Congress, and he may very well be, but you know again. You have a 50 50 split in the Senate, even though Democrats have the majority with the vice president's vote any senator on any given day Democrat Republican to be queen for the day or king for the day. They could change the whole dynamics of that. So my sense is you got a very small margin in the house. You've got a very embattled Republican party. Uh, it's the closest of the we've had in a long, long time. Closest majority of very slim. So I think the reality is that geezer do all the stuff that Trump did by executive order and then get some things through in the course of a couple of years. If they're going to start worrying about the midterm elections. They've got a lot of senators that air Democrats. A lot of senators even have to go out to send their votes and their big spending votes and they're there. At the House certainly is with three, of course, been taking place. Uh, reason when the house in that 22 concerning take back the Senate, and that's really gonna be the goal. Yeah, But what about?.

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