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It's not just somebody wants a part time business. No, I want people who have empire thinking in in. That's who I tracked into my new to x ten west club. So then you have to know your differentiation. So back in the fitness base. I was this this guy I showed up in two thousand. One telling the world to stop doing cardio it. Even today. That's still a message that can kinda get through. But not as much did twenty years. What do you mean don't do cardio who? Let's Julie lose weight using semi bad that was back before ellipticals even existed notices people on stairmasters, but I was telling them you're wasting your time wasting your time dude dude at to stop doing that. And now is my huge differentiation allowed me to stand out. Basically, it was me and cross fit re educating the world, I didn't know about process two thousand four, but you know, cross it was giving the same message. I was to when is still two different programs, but we are all about high intensity training. So I knew differentiation there. And now, I know my differentiation in the new place like I'm working with small business owners between doing between a hundred thousand dollars a year in five million dollars a year. Now known that's big Morley two and a half million dollars year and his people that one double their income double the personal income. And we got all sorts of strategies to help reduce expenses to help them. Take more money out of the business. Doesn't mean if they're doing one hundred thousand dollars whole lot easier to help them double their income. But there's all these things we can do to help people grow faster. But also on the world's most disciplined men, the world's most productive, man. I've got that differentiation. Naronha help people work ten fewer hours through the structures and systems that we put together in programs. So that's what you do with your differentiation. Now, one of the things I've learned the last year or so is to take your differentiation put it in only statement. So I learned this from both Iran for Abacha who speaks at my perfect life or treaties speaking at my retreat again in two thousand nineteen he helps me at my mastermind groups I've had on the podcasts couple of times and Chiran tot the power the only statement inserted Zander fryer, my sales coach shuts one of my coaches Elche be speaking about so.

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