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So he had called but like for most part. I didn't have any other call about that. He was like really handling all that happy. That's so funny here you talk about you know. I see myself as a day. Three guy you know. I I knew I probably will go on day. One or two. That doesn't really resemble your take because you play so confident and so aggressive on that it's kind of it's kind of it's cool to hear you say that. I kind saw myself as that day. Three guy where I think even myself and kind of had you pegged in that third round we probably had created a little bit higher than maybe even you did so. That's that's kind of cool to hear you're inside perspective on it but I wanted to talk a little bit about your interactions with the cowboys leading up to the draft. It was actually something a lot of guys like me who cover the team. We were very curious of. Are The cowboys interested in? Reggie Robinson because he fits their size profile. He's you know he's such a good athlete like they need corners. He fits everything that they're kind of looking for. But we didn't hear a lot of the interactions between you and the cowboys wear werther much discussions between you and your representatives and the cowboys leading up to the draft. Actually about that Like two thousand dollars at Tulsa. Like my position coach. I guess he'd been like close with the cowboys and like he He said they showed interest in me. Like even like my. I my sophomore gene here. Well so like when he came to the off season like I probably heard from like one time. They'll just like those things were like. They just happened like the end up in like being around me I heard from them. Maybe like once through this whole awesome process and like my Always told me like you haven't had never really highly. He's always talked to me about you and stuff like that. And I'm like really 'cause like I've I've had no contact with them like this whole like pre-draft like I believe because he was a lot of me but I was like I'm not really seeing it myself because there's so many other teams like talking to me and like like all the time so I was like so that happened. I was like I guess he was right. They would just kind of like playing their cards low. I let people know yeah So what teams did you talk to the most throughout the process Because I know the story was kind of the same for a couple of the other cowboys. Draftees usually we in nine pandemic world. You know they have guys come in on on thirty visits And Dallas days. So they get to have the this real tight intimate knowledge and we can usually get a good idea of who they're drafting off of who they bring into Dallas But this was a little bit different. What teams did you get to do? Any any pre draft visits Before all of this broke out And then also you know what teams reached out the most. Actually I was. I had a booth set up but didn't happen so ended up getting canceled but Yeah let's see the teams that received the most. I'd say it was Was the panthers. There are going to be the ones to pick me up. The raiders were pretty high on the Wasn't embarrassing me up Thanks a little bit too but they would. All that's been said about they. They weren't black do you. Do you have kind of stick it to him. Attitude that a lot of guys that they get drafted you know. Maybe a little bit later than they expected. You have that kind of attitude that you're GONNA make those thirty one teams pay for not spending that pick on you definitely say I was like No said They're talking to and stuff like that and probably one of my homeboys get drafted which compared to him. I was like okay. I like the more the more you like other corners get drafted in front. Who just it just get higher and higher like all right so it's one of the things I'm carrying. Yes so You you said that the the saints talked to you a little bit. I see you were born in Louisiana but I had to bring it up and I figured I would just bringing up now getting out of the way. So you're at also says that you are a Saints Fan. I mean obviously. Now you're a cowboys fan. What was it like growing up in the in the dfw area you know a bit south of Fort Worth Their In Cleveland and what what was it like growing up in not being a cowboys fan or were there are a lot of saints FANS DOWN IN CLEVELAND. Oh No no saints Fan. I'll say all my friends all my friends. Everyone I know we're we're Catholics. Then for the most part I had a couple of friends who are like a Pakistan and then one was a of a broncos fan but everybody was a cowboys but I couldn't go nowhere. I it's the same cost to the cowboys out. Hearing about it. I'll tell you my even my best friend Dallas Cowboys Fan. So he'll he'll extra about him. They spoken to distance but Yeah there was. There was no thanks fans here on. What even my family or steelers fan so I hate. I hate to go back to kind of what we were on a second ago. But I'm curious so you know you said. Your interactions with the cowboys were briefed throughout the throughout. The off season did you. Did you talk to a coach with on the time that you did talk to him or was it a scout? Was it a front office member? Who who did you talk to when you did get communication with throughout the off season? I can't even remember to illegals probably the scowl because I think it was either at. I think either as a reasonable or combine dot. I mean like I'm saying like it was brief. I remember it so I mean obviously after being drafted I'm sure you've had more conversations with people you've probably been in constant contact would have the conversations with been like. Are you talking more? The positional coaches now. Are you talking to more the still talking to the scouts? Like what's your conversations now if the cowboys like now that you've already been drafted by the team. I will say so after I got drafted One of my new position coach like he he had called me. He was talking to me again and me better and stuff like that and some small. He was telling me like I need to be ready for when the time comes. The basically coach Arista linguists. I think that's Insane. Because a huge he called me rack. Just talk to me about some things and then loud been like kind of like some other trying to get like everything right now. No one's like really knowing what was going on so Right now currently now have they. Amenities said those conversations were brief to. I feel like I have to ask this question. Have they talked to you at all about what they see you doing their spend some speculation that they might see you playing some safety this year as well as corner if you heard at all and if not what are the role they kinda see you? Play this year We I have. I've heard chatter from everywhere. So why hear me? They put me like a pointer safety. me. I don't know having like told me specifically what I'd play but I mean in a situation I bought some. I'm ready to play either one Whatever it gets me on the field honestly so age but Where I really just wanted somebody would bite big business like me like play a man coverage so I can see that corner or I'd like to speed and chapel soccer. Consider that too so it just it just depends what they put me what they think. I'm best fit for them so I'm ready for either one. Yeah and talk about getting on the field I see and I saw this. I knew this before the draft and it was something that really excited me about you. The the kick blocks. What position were you at Were you on the edge? When you're blocking kicks does the ability to get off the line quickly. I know that you were a i. Think at ten six eight guy in the one hundred yard. You obviously ran well in the forty Is that something that you just have? Good snap anticipation You take better angles you know. How do you do so well at blocking kicks? Um So with that lab affairs At my school Tulsa my position because he'd products on special teams The way you feel when you like a freshman or you're younger guy and so I'll carry that on and then like we started practice by up first thing. Is Bill go block and he preaches hard on a beach. Hard on us about Glock. No I can't because that's what we do like even like outside guy who everyone thinks. I take off like play light. Were really mad and all like like we go hard on outside guys knew like China has this. We're coming up trying to block that kick and even the WHO is just out of things. I just took pride in like at practice. You See me trying to block them. Sometimes I block them some time. I won't but just like when it came to the game situations Some didn't take it serious like out here and get off on a rip up on him and then just extend my body and go after. And then did you do any Any returning at Tulsa. I couldn't find anything on it. Was that something that you would be open to to doing. Got Someone opened the door when I was at Tulsa owls backup kick returner but I never I'll always put it into practice by never gotten to it in the game. So it's something I'm open to. Whatever the hell happened to put me. Try Reggie. I'm curious you know we talked about you. Being a saints. Fan Did that. Does that mean that you follow the NFL pretty closely? Were you a guy who watch football Sundays and followed it? Throughout the week. I'll I'll watch Chance but like most of the time I'll either study understand. I I kept up with it like for a little bit. Yeah the reason I ask you. That is because around cowboys. Nation cowboys fans. The cornerbacks have struggled to take the football away in Dallas. For what seems like forever now and there's been somewhat of a philosophy change this year because they they draft you. Who's been a guy who's been able to take the football Tulsa they draft trayvon digs out of Alabama. And the second round. Another guy. Who's been able to take the football away at Tulsa? They put a greater emphasis on taking the football way. How important is getting interceptions to you in? What's that were is that? How are you going to be able to show that coming into training camp when it does happen that you can not only cover good you can not only defend the room but you can also take the football away and give the football back to that dynamic offense that we expect to see in Dallas about really important about say Makoto told you if you have to bog down on first down. What is it house like know like second down? Take the ball away you get in the back to the office. Always thought that was twenty dollars. This is really important. Just like Get off the field as quickly as possible and get the ball back into your office. His hand Also yes that's exactly. I plan on doing about they. All the yeah pathbreaking was fine. But like OPTIMA goals Get the ball and I plan on like just playing my tight coverage and then getting my head around look for the ball each chance I get. Then we'll go from there. Do you think your instincts or your ball skills make you so good at taken the football away at Tulsa or both. I mean what you put a hit or the other. I think that a little bit of both I think happy boss off. My instincts was still kind of growing. I know like I know kindergarten to the ball. I really was like I was really just trying to get my head around at any point. Where the ball is that Trying to get my housing quarterback and see like where he's throwing the ball or just let's just watching like the receiver and seemed like his Move on top of them not secure so I mean I'd probably say far all my instincts are still like it's great like they're still like growing has right now. Hey everyone it's Jimmy model. I'm the host feed run a new show on qube produced by the team at Polygon speed. Ron gives you your daily dose of the biggest gaming and entertainment news every weekday. We'll give analysis of the latest.

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