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And we god eighty two degrees at six o'clock good evening i'm geoff mckinney the chaos and confusion edwards supposed to materialize on this first day of summer repairs at penn station never did amtrak ceo whip mormon says he's confident track repairs at penn station are worth it hopefully it will be much better in the sense that you won't see any more of the answer within slight we've seen in the past few months with track caused his shoes this started the 56 days of track overhauls seemed to go smoothly mormon says the evening rushhour is more challenging because crowds began to swell a penn station if anything goes wrong he adds he's very cautious not to be too confident and has more focused on the daytoday commute king operation i'm lisa g on 710 wor the funeral for nypd alshrimi alshamiya sodas familiar will be held tomorrow morning but hundreds of officers gathered today at a bronx church for her work everything you you you read and heard of all offers of amelia over the past few days there's nothing we say about it inspector philip rivera leaves the 46 precinct were officer familiar motherofthree gave her wife executed in a police truck there's no worse i'm going to take away the grief and pain and suffering that they feel cops came to world changers church to remember an officer rivera calls a true offset and a beautiful person starts off you know here specially no matter what she was taken from us is there for each other and a an through in the bronx ethan heart for 710 wor investigators don't yet know why two young siblings in the bronx died today two year old olivia g andrew threeyearold brother micha were having trouble breathing in their apartment in the king's bridge section they were pronounced dead at.

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