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Bagel. Oh he likes of fresh lease is back on the batch biggest way possible over to on twitter on sports grid all the time in game live everything else. I can't keep track of all of it. I know he's on this show a lot and on. We had on coast-to-coast the other day as well. He uses it as a as a harbinger to pick up chicks. Here's the deal Jogos goes on and then he gets dates. Chicks dig joe when they see him on coast to coast. It's gotta. It's almost like free. It's i the branding of joe for checks like he goes on for like ten twelve minutes and he gets like five days out of it. I mean the phones pop and after he goes on coast to coast. It's like a. It's like a dating service. He goes on my show and he gets chicks. It's unbelievable that well we care about data tournament. Tell the truth. Joe i have to admit first of all i love the show. You know that. And every time i'm on coast to coast you're right. It's like you like perfect marketing from the best show and and you just pump me up. So what better way to get girls and we talk college basketball. There's nothing better in my. In my opinion. I think so. I agree with that. I think you know we dig checks and we dig hitting college basketball all right. So what studio joe. We got four games tomorrow and then we got a lot of games friday and saturday to cover. Tonight's the night to do it. Apparently carver high's here he's ready. He's got his pen ready. He's got his. I think he stole it from cbs. I dunno he's got this really expensive reporter. We used to take it with this to vegas to interview The heavyweight champion of the world and and I don't even know. I think i took one of them to who knows. I have a lot of equipment. I carver high's got most. He's right now recording you. He's writing things down. He's got his sheet of integrity that he's building. It's all happening. Who do you like in the four games on opening night. Basically thursday the deal Seventies people are saying. Oh i don't wanna watch those games. Those aren't good games. And i don't know what you're talking about. I wanna watch all the games they start at five o'clock texas southern mount saint. Mary's are you gonna run with these games. Drake in wichita state appalachian state norfolk state. Are you gonna run with us with ucla. michigan state. all of them are just doing one. Now i'm doing to actually tomorrow. I'm writing all of them. I'm not gonna lie might sprinkle a little. I like down same. Mary's early light the over eileen to be over in that first game. I really like wichita state. You know they opened up. There's a one and a half two point favorite. It's now drake the other way a lot of money coming in on drake. I don't buy it. I think the more physical team who college team. Richard thaw state. I think they win. That ballgame also like plus one fourteen on the money. Line that state or and i know we talked about the other night on coast to coast. That's just sitting study at three. Hasn't really moved all week. That gives me the indication. I lean a little too state. Don't really love that game but like appalachian state is the favourite there and then the big one night got you know a lot of money and a lot of people back in michigan state and tom. Izzo gonna take the bucket with the pac twelve team. I know the phonetics paper counters. Forgive the bruins. Plus the to also i complex won't sixteen i. I know i love i like. Ucla love them. What are what are you. Love for joe honestly. Ucla like how many games they lost. They were bleeding out. That mean they were like indiana bleeding out. I know i know are not because it's a play in type of game and a lot of pressure on michigan state. If you just look at the last month and a half the machines and on paper you gotta give the edge michigan state. But i'm not sold on this team. I'm just not lankford. In the crew. There radic consistent you know perimeter shooting team. Everything is down low and i think. Ucla's more athletics. i don't think it will be an easy game i do. I do feel that. Ucla along the floor on them and catching a bucket in that atmosphere. Take the dog. i think The loser of the texas southern mount saint. Mary's game should have to hire archie miller as their next coach insert. A loser has hired him as their next coach. And then i actually. I think i think drake's gonna give wichita state problems. I know norfolk states. Good basketball team. They've been in this before they've had up major upsets they can ball. They're not bad. And i think both of those teams are terrible. Ucla michigan state basically. They're both terrible babble. It you know. Let's face the end of the season was terrible. And the bishop in state season was terrible from the jump and they've had a couple of moments of glory when they won three big games in a row that the god of in the tournament. Frankly and now that they're they're a because they showed in those three games against heavyweights that they can bang and win. And so i think those too bad teams. I lean toward them. I'm just leaning down but We'll see what happens. I think those games are actually gonna be better than anybody thinks. I think they always are. Joe don't you like. I actually liked the to playing games or whatever the four playing games on on opening night. I'm all for it like bring it on. Are you kidding there. I mean i agree with you. I mean tight games with the opportunity to advance to the tournament. That's what it's all about. The books are telling you that right now. You know to have these totally games points or less across the board you know we have even vary so really it really lays out to you know it's going to be blue collar hard hard type games and most likely go to the last three or four minutes. So that's what you want. Come tournament time. This is a unique tournament in twenty twenty one. Anybody can win it scotty. And this is what it's all about. Let's go tomorrow night. So who do you think's better in big games. obviously you'd say is overcrowded. And right like if it were just down to the coaches you you'd pick Is a yeah. I would i would i. I mean resume. You can't argue with tom. There's you know he's been there done that you know. He can't coach this team up. But again you know we've seen it this year the blue bloods and the teams early on. I know they found their way. But also you know you gotta look at the public perception as well. I just feel like a lot of people are back in michigan here. I don't wanna be on the same side. The sporty i really. Don't you know i know. Ucla comes through the pac twelve. Colorado laid up against oregon state in the championship game. But i'm willing to back. The bruins year in a playoff has the game. You know first round game. Maybe not but a playoff type atmosphere..

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