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Off i was saddened not just because i really like the character because i knew due to the dearth of roles in television movies for asian dudes and wasn't sure when i was going to see us guy again he's currently the voice of wingspan on stretch armstrong in the flex fighters which basically proves my point it's not him he's the voice of a character if a film centred on non straight white male characters flops or uneven even is is just a middling success may be years before we see a similar film get made brave released in two thousand twelve gave us pictures first movie with a human female lead at told the story merita a teenage princess in municipal scotland a skilled archer she refuses to follow the ancient traditions or for homeland and allow ourselves to be married against her wishes to the son of one of her father's allies but even here the issue of representation is complex brennan chapman who is developing brave and is still the only woman to codirector film for pixar was fired in the production was then handed to a man pixar has been making features since 1995 the studios should be lauded for its recent efforts to diversify but we shen ignore the lateness of the hour specially in a medium which has we noted is not beholden to the same casting strictures that regular films are and the paucity of the steel black characters same jackson's froze owning the incredible basically it should not escape criticism and of course it's important to note that diversity takes many forms such as the ones mentioned here the problem after all is structural as receded jones who left production of toy story for over philosophical issues noted in a recent interview pixar is quote a cultural were women and people of color do not have an equal create a voice as is demonstrated by their director demographics out of the twenty films in the company's history only one was koterec by women and only one was directed by a of copper and quote we have to be able to find a balance between applauding what they achieved with this and still saying why isn't there more weissman better what's coming next it's not enough to say this was an achievement your good now what's x now there's something that makes me different.

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