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On Sunday we had the Spanish Grand Prix in form of the one. It was a really entertaining race. There was a lot of drama early on right at the beginning, Kevin Magnussen and Louis Hamilton made contact with each other, they had to pit, they found themselves in dead last at the back of the pack. Lewis Hamilton, by the way, recovered. He got all the way back up to finishing P 5. And one driver of the day well deserving for Lewis Hamilton. Fun storyline. I love that. Great drama, really interesting and fun to watch him climb back up. Carlos Sainz and Max Verstappen both spun out in succession on turn four. Two laps apart, Carlos Sainz spun out lab 7, Max Verstappen, spun out on lap 9. That really hampered the race. It gave charla Claire pulled way ahead. Wait, he was like 11 seconds ahead of everyone else. He had a massive, comfortable lead, Carlos Sainz should have won this race in Spain easily. We also, by the way, got this amazing battle on lap 24 was really the peak of the battle. Where Max Verstappen and George Russell, George Russell was in second max and third. They were wheeled to wheel racing, battling George defending max. He couldn't get his DRS flap open, so the drama was heightened because of that. They were battling for second place. It was intense. He was super fun. I think it's the first time I've ever really seen a true great battle between max and George and I hope we get that for years to come. Like, wow, great racing really fun. I always knew George was a good driver, but I'm really enjoying watching him in a Mercedes prove himself every single week. Then suddenly the race took a turn. Charlotte Clare the Ferrari driver, lap 27, lost power and had to retire. Shocking out of nowhere, it was brutal. He had a massive lead. Charlotte Claire should have won this race easily by a lot. And unfortunately, that result suddenly put Max Verstappen and George Russell in a battle for the lead of the race. Charlotte Claire, he had victory yanked out of his hands in such a sad way. And in all, here's how things turned out here are the way the race played out Max Verstappen got first and won the race, Sergio Pérez came in second..

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