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It does mean the sales over and old by the way what a nice to the keys look great under the Christmas tree I'm assuming you can't that the the actual vehicle under them maybe got a big tree I don't know but I think it's time for all wheel drive heated seats heated steering wheel mon spoil him or her or yourself sh one Buick GMC dot com twenty eight before the top of the hour on old what's on your mind body part by our friends in tight over the North Dakota home to our own Kate T. G. O. ten ninety on your radio and a community that first introduced me really to the box as my first got a sense of what was happening Stanley in Hyogo were were rocking it all right along with the rest of the bokken and the Spencer time there and fell in love love that community it's a great place to live that's the bottom line I mean you're gonna you're gonna you you're going to live a quality of life and tie gonna a very different from anywhere in the USA but you get for generations it just it's it's it has that home town feel kids are safe vibrant downtown community center which is really neat new library indoor play area an outdoor speeding right to this really cool ice skating rinks burners I'll be fun this winter tire okay Andy dot org find out more home to the greatness of consulting services our friend there Cathy nested her team our sons are seen Randy and one of the many businesses are just make Taiyo go past the course headquartered there as well all right so is our next guest a ready to go and get this really on the phone Mister I have not done a you tell me haven't gotten word yet that our next guest is on film await Daniels word in the meantime I haven't even mentioned impeachment hearings I today and here's the reason I have it first of all the Judiciary Committee is holding the first impeachment hearings but they took all that information from the circus that we had over the Intel can mean committee given over there now they're starting with hearings and the first hearing is for individuals I'm all of whom could fairly be called and I mean this in the most respectful way of academic eggheads there there there are you know over smart people and three of them are going to give their opinion that trump is I mean he is look up impeachment in the dictionary you find that's what they're going to say okay and and another fellow Jonathan Terry's gonna say this is ridiculous this is not what the founding fathers envisioned everything else you know everything you need to know now you know everything you need to know right there show all save you from from anything else they just had a little bit of a squabble was the squabble over whether or not to Adam Schiff would come over testified before the Judiciary Committee and of course any vote they have on this is going to go the way the Democrats they have more votes this person but it just you know get it over with this kind of a explosive when I get a kick out is for people who are giving their opinion and god bless you know they probably toiled in the historical No Way Out archives to determine their view of impeachment but it's just their opinion they're just they put their pants on one leg at a time just like you and I do and the getting up they're giving their opinion means nothing it's all for TV and it's all for TV coincidentally while the president there is and they tell hello label anyway there's they're squabbling handy Biggs's another fight of mers on on judiciary our own Kelley Armstrong's on there too Daniel do we have this reduction on the phone yeah okay good I mine all right I did I did I didn't know I did get the word surely some Roger there hang on one second goodwill and love the exchange between anti bags from Arizona and German Nadler Mister chairman I have a parliamentary inquiry general status parliamentary inquiry thank you Mister chairman close to two of the judiciary committee's impeachment inquiry procedures states that members of the committee can raise objections relating to the admissibility of testimony and evidence but it doesn't say what rules apply to admissibility so I'm hoping you can explain to us what the objections may be made under this clause and if you intend to use the federal rules of evidence yeah this is the general suspend that is not a proper parliamentary inquiry it is a profit is not a problem as I stated the rule I stated stated a rule Mister chairman you can ignore it and not answer but you can't just I'm asking for the application the rule for an explanation as we will analyze not parliament will apply the rules he will help us understand that there's there's no clarity there's rules are set.

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