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Schooling him with the black space since he would let him listen to in the car Interesting Yeah that's interesting I had heard of the movie and the only reason I even noticed the movie I said a movie about the green book because I know what the green book was And it was around from the 30s through the 60s and it was literally a motorist book for blacks traveling through the south And it existed Yeah it existed Yeah I had known about it before the movie but because I had seen documentaries about it But I hadn't known about this story But this guy had never heard a Franklin He never heard anybody anybody And so the guy said are you kidding me You've never heard of Aretha Franklin Well listen to this And he would just flip from one black station to another And just let him listen to all this music He's like these are your people And you don't know this music Come on now You've got to listen to this And so they built a friendship that was unlike any other through this music And I know your listeners would be fascinated by it And I think John would like it too probably Well I'll have him check it out I know the movie made the rounds of the film festivals And usually that's where I say no I'm not watching any of those But this sounds like something like about ten times We love the movie Okay I will definitely definitely look for this for the music alone Yes for the music alone It's killer you know It's great Well good tip thank you Okay take care Thanks for calling Yeah I'll like that No never heard of it And Mark Mark sent me an email Thank you Mark I'm remaining to acknowledge that And what his email was about was an outer limit show And I'm kind of sweet on outer limits We have all of those because I love that opening I thought that was just the best opening in television history And this episode with the alien did have some classic classic radio equipment in it including stuff that obviously the prop department came up with So that was fun to watch as well So a big thanks to him to mark for telling me about that one So 888-876-5593 It will get to Tom and Covington and there is room for you too so by all means call right here And by the way I didn't get a chance to mention at the end of the show but right at the end of the show last night on Monday night trivia which of course replace on Friday nights don't call it's a replay But we were talking one of our questions was about happy birthday The copyright runs out in 2030 Well it turns out oh no a court has overturned this Yeah they charge one person too many So we'll talk about that to coming up on WGN radio.

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