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Yeah. I mean i mean compared to women i knew i own normal like all the other guy would go on a double date. Okay okay so the other couples in there is the recovering addict. What's his name. What is his name. And then the blonde wife are their names off the tech somebody. I forgot i used serious. They're so bad. So here's dame's i just is nobody else. They always everybody. That comments tax me isn't there. Jason wallers is that his name. That sounds familiar name. So it's jason wallers related and he was on the show years ago the first season folk ten seconds and then he gets his wife they get married and they have one child. She's pregnant with another. He's a year sober. And what i watching right now is you. Guys are in lake tahoe and they. She's very upset because she hears that. You don't believe he's really sober. Okay rewind so last time we filled in this last season. We did this. It's exactly how everything's happening. Yeah and then it ends. It comes out. He was using the whole time. So so i'm just saying i don't know this guy. I've taught right an hour in my whole life and i was getting paid to listen. I was listening that much so literally the exact same stick. So all i'm saying is like i don't know this guy. He lives in orange county s seen once in two years last time. The whole time story sobered all the little axe and he then comes out. I was on adderall. Doing what i was used blah blah blah. So all i'm saying is again. I don't know what this guy's doing. And then brody obviously you know the producers told make it if nothing and he goes and tells them spencer saying you're doing drugs and alcohol. It's like i. I didn't say that second of i would say that because i don't care and if i thought would make the senior probably would have said it because i don't know what you're doing if i were to bet i was going gambler i would say may i would. I don't trust anything you say. I think you're a pathological liar. So yeah so yes. That's the big drama and then on tomorrow night's episode where it gets so bad is so he confronts me at the dinner. Yeah he calls me a weirdo with no france. And he and. I had i mean. I'm definitely weirdo either. Lisa kudrow friends. You know. I don't not say you know bragging about my level of friendships but i choose not to have any friends. It takes a lot of time to friends. Yes so i again. He's he's so intense and he's fighting with me and it kept probably comes out wrong on the show because yes i've been drinking. It was a show. He's dead sober. I'm feeling cornered. And i say because all i ever hear this guy talk about is not like everything is triggering which i'm not saying. It's not you know his story. Foucault i in my so. I'm confused like this. Is not how i said it but how you know if i was a lawyer i would've said i'm confused because all you're doing talking about being triggered and how you're almost always relapsing why you fighting with a drunk person thirty at night at a party. I didn't say that. I don't want you to relapse. So everyone's ooh being scuba psyche. I'd say it again. I really don't want that like this. Seems like a not from what. I've heard about recovering people. This seems like how you relapse get into fight with a drunk person. you know about motion. This seemed like a talk. We should out over bagels and cream cheese at ten. Am by the snow. The lake in the morning do you. So this'll be the big. Oh my god so breaking news because you and heidi of any other for so long and it seemed to have a fabulous marriage in connection that maybe that is why you don't really care about friends like you're so ear twined each other and you have your you like so enjoy each other that you're like i don't care if i see other people i mean but i do have friends would never be on tv. And don't have instagram real friend. You've cast you had a fourth of july party so you have these. So do you have other attractive. Thirty-something mommy and little kill. They're all dead so they wouldn't be on. We could do realize palisades and knock. Beverly hills ottawa beyond rich ritual. Except for these few unique cases nano to know like the average these ones before nannies and the great lie. You want to be on your i g story right. They don't want you're showing there. Yeah i totally. Don't blame them so to grant of i was to be on your vanderpump. It's all of our product employee's There you'll be the real hungry. They're the same. Hunger only worked for us for three years thinking the show is coming. You know you're much they'd be on the hills you know. That's what i only reason. They work for us. Okay yeah oh which now. It's time i pretty much say like it's on you guys now. So here's the lisa vanderpump now more. Heidi she's like the real boss. I just have crystal buying spending of it problems okay. So let's talk about some things other things going on. I i have to ask what's going on with your sister stephanie. She is because we everyone was very upset with me. Impose guys getting some way. I mean i am. I was very fat so good for her to you know acknowledge it on the internet. Like people don't have is thanks is so it's all good mean about heidi. Heidi looks great and she was like. Oh congrats to my sister-in-law being pregnant and she wasn't pregnant which is also really fucking shitty when you're trying to get pregnant and she's not fat and she was poking at because it was like you know it was the night the new season of the hills so sure but it was her choice. Obvious she wanted to ninety five thousand and episode which is probably the hills budget for hanging over the whole tires production. Happy if she'd come on that's a that's a strong word you know like whatever makes her happy where i don't get posted. Yes is happy. I'm fine okay. So what she will. Obviously you guys same ship spent since we're fifteen sixty like there's no. This is not what your mom told me. i can't dear. Is that with all the similarities. That we have your mom. And i that i talked about how as a debutante and she said your sister. Was i think national charity league or something debutante ball and you were hurt date or something. Did you guys go together. Or you wasn't even invited my mom. I was separately in concilium. But i had nothing to do with her debutante thing. Did you go to the debutante. I don't even think i was invited. I went to my own. I was in where you can tell you know the rivera and i would go to those things when you were little..

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