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I was starting to get concerned that it was gonna fall out of the out of contention. But so I think this is good news for that film for sure I really loved John David Washington's performance in that I'm really excited about it. But is this like a Hollywood royalty thing that the Golden Globes likes to do from time to time was he missed her Golden Globe. And some some reason pass right? I think they just really liked that movie. I mean, I think that that the atom driver nomination, spike, somebody like that will be for whatever reason for me. Anyway, it's been kind of an awards question, Mark. But it keeps popping up. And so I think again that that could be the academy goes to nine or ten or even eight like that. I think that we could expect to see it there. I also do think vice end black klansman there's sort of a little bit of a tradition. Probably the coolest thing. The does is reward movies that talk about how shitty America's. They're sort of like guys we have to spend a fair amount of time here like this is kind of a health scape. And this you should watch this movie. I know I keep lake sort of strong arming us back to TV when we're please full on full on film awards season. But I think he was talking about pose getting nominated both you know in in the drama category. And then a nomination for Billy porter. Because that's that was a surprise to me in a really pleasant one. We tend to think of or I tend to think of the PA as more conservatives mostly conservative or maybe Baksi conservative, and I was just really delighted to see in there. So that's a nice some nice representation for that show, which I guess won't be EMMY eligible until next year is that right? Premier? It is one of the shows it's grown constantly like I feel like every week. I see more people being like, oh my God. Wait pose. Can I ask a weird possibly completely irrelevant question because I'm gonna let you guys know right now, it's going to be my mission to get Catherine O'Hara an EMMY win for shits creek this year. I love her is shits creek like so I never saw it until it popped up on Netflix and suddenly was trending every day. And now, I'm main lining it. And it's the greatest thing ever. Why hasn't it gotten anything? Is it just because it was on some random Canadian TV channel? And will it have a chance Joanna? I don't know. Can we make this happen? Yeah. Let's do it. It airs pop before like, you know, what is pop has original programming. I only know about it because of the TCI's, and they do a presentation every year the TCI's. So I know all about pop I only know about it. Because when I watched creek on Netflix. There's a pop tile. And then I'm like, oh that exist so Papas in running. She's creek for several years imported out of Canada. And then I think he popped up on Netflix last year and a bunch of people start it, you know, like. Three seasons. N people started binging, and it's so good. I think Richard, and I are both huge fans that show. Mike, welcome to the party. Katie. I got maternity leave coming up. I'll I'll have a lot of time to watch it. I think Kindy TV in general doesn't get we seeing a lot more of Canadian imports because Netflix, Hulu and all this dreamers who are really thirsty for content. Are like, oh, here's a source for English language programming that we can pull down. And so we're seeing a lot more of Canadian programming on streaming. But I think it's just not like CBC programs don't campaign, I think in the same way. So I just don't I don't think you know, they're seeing that. Well, but let's do it. Let's we're going to make it happen. So I just wanted to interject briefly we should mention since we are an award season podcast that since last time we recorded. We now have all of our award season owes lent or main ones lined up, which is Kevin Hart will be hosting the Oscars and Sandra Owen, Eddie Sandberg will be hosting Golden Globes. Sandra Andy Sandberg is like a really funny kind of odd pairing until you go and watch their presentation at the..

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