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The details things on alex smith in san brad for you brought them up i'll give you credit you sort of organically brought them up i can now give you three notes on them okay the first and i was too obvious is that they were both once upon a time the first pick in the nfl draft alex smith by san francisco and san bradford by the events st louis rams so a great deal was expected of them obviously and we know where they are now last season alex smith was second to last in air yards per pass attempt so how far the ball travel right the only person who threw the ball shorter all year the guess san brad fan that's very well play thank you you've got the theme down and then now through one week at it is only one week sam bradford alec smith were the only quarterback supposed to qbe are of ninety or higher in week wants to even jared golf didn't and i didn't i didn't think he could play any better than he did but bradford had a 939 qb are and alex smith against new england ninety one point eight so they those two off to by that standard of measure the best starts of any quarterbacks in the nfl yeah i made again impressive because it where it was different now again it's one week so we'll see where this is going to go do they keep this up is this the new kind of way the offense is going to run the i think in minnesota with new running back you know young running back speedy can run to the out i can kassim speaking catch out of the backfield brand new offensive line really wonder where this is going to go and then and then the amine both both these cream hud i mean delvine cook was the name euro expected cream hunt was not you know this is a guy that were was at the expectation wasn't there but they obviously newer to kansas city and andy rica's he got the workload early early the early fumble and then he just went off the rest of the game so these young running backs coming in getting the dog gives us a chance to say holy toledo allott which i very ago we'll be fun to the.

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