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Reid's north fifty seven. Therapists now hit by turnovers four of them in the last four. They've got two minutes without scoring. Joe you go back to their last home game was Wisconsin's here. Weeks ago and. Remember look like barrel was going to blow the badgers out of the building got up. At halftime, thirty three to fifteen but Wisconsin outscored Maryland, forty five thirty one second half ended up losing by just four points. I'm not predicting any tonight, but it's way to shoot the charges game. You know, it's interesting early league too overconfident. Stop fighting with urgency. You hope that happens show that group that came off the floor had been presented. Felt they really did an excellent job defensively. We don't talk about zone defensively, but he did a nice job of venture. Stephan took charge. They did a nice job in that stretch. Pardon back in games. Rear stays in the game fowl zone. Law for the Wildcats. Tailored Smith back in for Maryland Fernando Wiggins out there sorelle Smith junior Alex brings it up. I yell at the top. Looking for zone. Atta left stayed with him. Wiggins. Brittle's out the thought about three games repeats shot clock at twelve games getcha. That's the goal of the party got to go, right? Shop talk at eight. Chocolate at five all the rump. Let's can't swooping hook is good by Barrett party at its grip. Peter died. The Wildcats creeping back six point game. Feeding the big fella good. Thanks hap- goes inside tough shock for the circle low right Smith. Dow lost the ball is not the way for by a group comes away with it. Rear Zona, straight on three bells three within three fifteen dollars per the tap the way he's played. Well, well, the two of them were surrounding Jalen Smith and Erin foul zone. Picks up where he's left off last couple of days. There's a yellow round the circle page at mid post rights Fernando against part little op and under bist it Smith. Got the rebound goes back up. The what? Up seventeen twelve Maryland nine thirty seven gophers hackers games into the lane. Screw it up off the rim. No good. But he got fouled. Sorelle smith. I I can repair everybody with Chris Collin throw it. He is he's right, but Obas yell it out throw it in. And that needs to throw it in the party. Structures. Here's games with two shot. Seventy seven percent free throw shooter. The Wildcats is team. Seventy three percent third of the big tax free. Throws. Good. Real big size advantage on the offense, especially with Smith. I mean at six ten to six four. Second in the big ten fit nation. More down by Tadic. Second free throw. Good bye, Anthony games with that free. Throw. Abbott stood Subaru wins. Gopi donates, another ten dollars Brzeczek hero to learn more and donate today. Visit ain't you sports dot com slash project. Hero. Our back in the game for Maryland seventeen thirteen turps lead it twenty two to go. First half just talent by the left wing. Dando Dr Arnn part comes over to help foul Paul on. Sick twelve. But he he's going to say there is no tall. It's up his second. Tertre off the bench. Good. Pats on the back is reaches that sixteen fouls. The wildcats. There's more shells circling to the top. It's back to the west. Post. Part drives into ledge short. Jumper won't go. Rip down by Tertre outlets for games down the right side, apathy gauge, pops left. Posed right. Took part in the path pardon taxes. Wage pay spins to his lap put it up short Fernando short top or sell down the left wing. Picks up his dribble cage. Jalen Smith against foul zone. Smith now. To go and heaves it back out to cow. Go anywhere. Oldies bow. Here's power. Mauled? Mary Jo now, you have to give a player become down. Yes. That one I thought he thought it turned and ran him over the rough Sadie to return. Fernando at the free pro. Bell? Joe that seventeen. Wanted one here. I what. Most uproot players. Just the big tag joke. Probably round college basketball. What areas really got better free throw shooting? His form has never been bad. I think it was a little mental. Second free throw. Nineteen thirteen hundred twenty eight. Attorney jobs in the front court. Writers. The left repeats turn. It works off of parts watches three bags off the real good handle the rebound. Cowan maryland. Leaving town. Crozet away. Get a load. Dr Fernando Saito to to go the half nineteen thirteen Maryland. Gotta look for fouls on our Smith is not as bad jokes. In the garden. Posting tournament kicks. It Luke side the law drive to the elbow out to three ball Bill. Good line take it all the run by Cowan pulls up and pouches out on his right for a yellow badger at three and has an air ball Audrey by else. Two feet short. I don't know what he was thinking Tertre your wait for calendar where passed the ball through bounced past. Here's pardons spins holidays, baseline back out to Turner. Feeds on the screen role as it up, and it's kids out. And they called an offensive foul with Derek part. No they had to call. What? Scared scared for sector. Seven hundred twenty one to go first half here in college park, Maryland leaks. Northwestern. Twenty one to go.

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