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Single time we thought he's one of the players I was gonna be called up but recently he has been left out of Greg Ben halters team. How does this move help he stays to be a part of the U.S. national team again? Well, not just Daryl dicker Ricardo Pepe and Greg for a halter had a situation where he was worried about the starting 9 or the 9s who are going to be informed for these January calls. No longer you can add two more Euro based 9s who will certainly be in some good form heading into these competitions. Darryl DK throw him in that mix. I mean, right before he went cold at the gold cup, everybody was talking to him about being the best young striker of the moment. They weren't talking about Ricardo peppy. They weren't talking about hoppy they were talking about Daryl deacon and what he was doing at the championship. He was absolutely bossing people at that level and Gregor Holter was noticing. If you can get himself back on that radar, if they can get himself starting plane. And potentially in the Premier League, this is a win win for Daryl DK. He will be in prime position to fight for a spot on the U.S. men's national team in a World Cup year. So we don't have this following question in our rundown. This is going to come to you as a surprise, but I know you're ready for this. Who's going to benefit more from their respective moves? Or that will decay to west room? Ricardo babies big enough 10% of that transfer. So immediately, it's going to be very obvious that $20 million. You always thinking money first, man. You always thinking money first. Yeah. Go on, go on, go on. No, no. In all seriousness, I'm really excited to see Ricardo baby. We got a taste of what Derek can do at a higher level. I need to see what Ricardo Pepe can do. Every time we've thrown a challenge in front of this kid, he's responded. They put him in, they put him behind a DP and Franco khara at FC Dallas. He took his position. You know, they put him on the national team and say, hey, Greg, we're hosting, hey, go save my job on the last day of the window against Honduras. And the kid had a hand or foot on all four goals that they scored against Honduras. He just seems of the moment. He doesn't seem page. He doesn't seem rattled. This is a very tricky situation. I reiterate. It's a very risky situation for me to go to the peppy. You're going to a club that in 6 months time can be relegated. Second division, Bundesliga two in a World Cup here. I don't know if they've got a peppy and Bundesliga too. If it's his chances are gonna be the same with Gregg halton U.S. men's national theme. That said, like Derek ray said, if he's successful, it's a win win for everybody. Yeah, regardless who has more success. I'm absolutely positively sure that Greg ber halder is now stating watching football America and saying, listen, the one who's benefiting the most is me. The U.S. men's national team manager. You want your players at that level of competition day in and day out. So very, very good news for U.S. soccer. More news. Now from Major League Soccer, LAFC has finally found bob brought these replacement. It might not be the popular choice. Steve cheran has been announced as Monday as the team's new head coach. The mayor of Hanover will make his debut as an MLS manager his being with the organization as he Las Vegas lights manager in the U.S. sell championship, I insist her maybe not the manager that they were expecting, but Katya castorina spoke to him about expectations.

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