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The Cowboys trading down two spots. Well, they picked the 12 overall and help that Dallas D. How about them doubles? Yes, with dropping In the 2021. Then if I'll drive the Dallas Cowboys, like Michael Parsons wound back of his state. Yes, that's unique burden on US Army veteran and social worker and Dallas pumped of up about her boys landing the Penn State linebacker 12th. Overall, they traded down two spots landed a third round pick 84th overall along the way as well. Bart Scott on how that helps the Dallas D. One of the most awkward things Bart is for the Folks that are at home watching and seeing someone draft what looks like their heir apparent who should feel concerned on the Cowboys that they just took Michael Parsons. I think Vander is right because you think you know that Dan Quinn loves candle, Neil Cattle kneels before all the things I know any sign like a one year deal, but he was with them in Atlanta. But also now bander is hasn't been ever stay healthy. So now you have somebody that can fill in because really, most of the time you're on the field is gonna be it and suppositions. So if I'm Jalen Brown, I'm like, Oh, man, I didn't have a great year last year. I'm making a lot of money. I better tighten my game up because they just pretty much hired somebody that can. That is a cheaper version of myself. You know, so yourself sometimes. Bitter. Sweet, right? I could remember tomorrow. David's been drafted, like, okay. I know it ain't for David Harris. I know pretending for me. Remember too far is good in from Miami coming in there, and they try to replace me. That's what that's what it's all about Holding the guys off. No to make because as you get more expensive, and you get older, become expendable. I'm back to back off offensive line and where the next two picks the Chargers get response later, the offensive tackle out of Northwestern Jets trade up to nab a versatile offensive lineman who could start a guard from day one and Elijah Vera Tucker out of it. USC that puts us at 15 with a New England Patriots. Well, they needed a quarterback of the future and a certain Crimson tide signal caller just happened to be there. With the 15th pick. In the 2021 NFL draft. The six time world champion New England Patriots Select Mack Jones So that your landing spot to the Patriots and Bill Bell a check for the Crimson Tide signal caller, Mack Jones. He spoke on his new home with Suzy Kolber. What was the roller coaster like tonight? I mean, it was fine. I mean, you just sit around and wait and I'm just so blessed to be a part of a great organization. Like I said, and you know, it's It's not really where you get picked. It's what you do with the opportunity and that's what good's saving told me. So I'm just gonna follow that dream filled when you were seven year olds actually illustrated a photo and wrote when I grow up And it's this moment in the NFL. What does it mean to fulfill a dream that big? That's awesome. I mean, along the way, A lot of people are gonna tell you can't do something. You just got to keep pushing, but you know, we're just getting started. So I'm looking forward to playing in the NFL, and it's gonna be awesome. So I'm blessed his college coach,.

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