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Family issuing a statement on Facebook thanking supporters and police and asking for privacy is it grieves after the discovery of her remains in Garrett county Savannah we love you so much rest in heaven Spurlock's aunt Lisa Toma said the family is heartbroken over the news of her niece's death and she asks for privacy as they face what's ahead as hard as the last six months have been the truth of what happened that night in January is going to be even more painful Thomas thank the police search teams volunteers and social media followers who help try to find answers in the case Suzanne Duval news radio eight forty WHAS it's six thirty two am news radio eight forty WHAS of fire destroying a playground at Blake elementary school believed to be a case of arson J. C. P. S. saying the fire started just after noon Thursday at the schools smaller playground no one was injured Louisville metro arson looking into the incident in Frankfort the state reporting some strong fiscal growth that's according to governor Babin who announced that Kentucky closed fiscal year twenty nineteen with record high state revenues data from the office of the state budget director says Kentucky's general fund revenues exceeded estimates by one hundred and ninety four and a half million dollars and wrote fun revenues are passed estimates by fifty nine and a half million total general fund revenues exceed fiscal year eighteen revenues by more than five hundred and fifty million dollars the growth is attributed to statewide economic development efforts and tax reform policies he Lee Hanson news radio wait forty WHAS happening this weekend president trump's deportation raids are reportedly scheduled for Sunday thousands of undocumented immigrants expected to be targeted leaving migrant families on edge ABC's GMA Norman with the latest the threat looming for weeks to their countries to go back home but now plans are reportedly underway for nationwide immigration rates as reported by The New York Times the round ups would target undocumented people on deportation lists they reportedly begins Sunday in as many as ten major American cities about three weeks after president trump warm to this could happen the result near panic in some places from there we had to Chicago where singer R. Kelly's been arrested yet again on federal sex crime charges are Kelly had been acquitted of sex charges a decade ago but accusations never stop swirling around the musician especially after a six hour documentary surviving R. Kelly aired on lifetime R. Kelly has now been arrested on two separate indictments one out of Chicago charging him with child **** and obstruction of justice offenses and a second indictment prepared by federal prosecutors in Brooklyn charges him with racketeering he was taken into custody while out walking his dog in Chicago by New York City police detectives and by federal agents from homeland security investigations Aron Kader ski ABC news New York your next news update coming at seven I'm will Clark news radio eight forty WHAS Kentucky and is breaking news weather and traffic station I am going to get a little controversial issue here so this Republican candidate for Mississippi is right around the governor been accused of sexism every band of female political reporter from going on a campaign trip without a male chaperone the reason for the chaperone was that the campaign fell pictures of the two on the campaign trail could be used by rivals to smear him and hits an extramarital affair and may be a little what's he doing on this campaign trail that would create photos that would be in this that could purge your produce this scenario that he's swelling Hey started earlier this week Robert foster's campaign denied requests from Larson Campbell reporter of Mississippi today to shadow him on the trail ahead of next month's primary election unless she was accompanied by a male colleague I miss Campbell says she was shocked when she was told buster would not cooperate without a male colleague present because he had initially seemed interested when she approached him about reporting on the story and they had established a working real relationship here's what else she had to say hello my only looks improper in this context if you view her as a sexual being first and I was a reporter second well I understand what you saying there I don't necessarily agree from this standpoint there are many management styles techniques where they say you should have an open door policy maybe with everybody I don't know it is wrong is is a bad thing Mike pence took some heat for this kind of thing it's not like it's not that you look at someone else nexus necessarily in a sexual context is more of protecting oneself in these cases let me give an example all right at our church we never have a child with a closed door with any of our people that work with children we have always have two people at least if if we have to have a discussion re or your your cassock someone or single a song that nature it is a church setting but I know of a lot of situations where when someone is he being terminated or they're going through a contract or whatever they may have a witness in their male or female of with you know said male or female that's being interviewed or or talk to or whatever the case may be I I I I have questions about the the logistics of the Mississippi campaign thing which is the on the things you talked about the open door policies with kids and managers and whatnot that's that'll make sense no issue there but with the most political campaigns there either in kind of those airport shuttle style buses where you know the fifteen eighteen passenger whatever they are vans or they've chartered a bus of some sort or something it's not like you're all crammed into the back of an eighty seven escort he also we're all like you know in some sort of you don't fret trip across the state the there's typically other press aides their staffers well I mean it's like if he's going to do that that's right that he could have someone on his staff there he's right here in this scenario where is he in this reporter just gonna go solo across the state or in the district or whatever describes his thought you know what I mean at first he agreed to it so something tells me that someone in his campaign somebody's area of some up to a year and into your point you could have one of your own campaign people there during the entire interview right you could have your press secretary that's a good point I mean governor Bevin doesn't go anywhere without a press secretary miss Campbell said I was shocked that this was a deal breaker that my being a woman was such a deal breaker she said it made me mad I'm showing up I'm doing everything right I'm trying to do my job and your sexual Ising me how's that non sexist so that's what you look at look at the presidential campaigns there are men following around camallo Heris all day every day no one saying a word about it there's because there's press aides there well that's it that's really what did the same thing here eyes that's what to do to done that's a very well stated our it's I mean I understand his concerns of politics and everybody uses everything against you I get what he's concerned about the hash tag me too thing but he's probably going okay well is way beyond again this goes back to if you're responsible human being who can keep your hands to yourself and act like a proper human then you don't have to worry about me too because you didn't do anything and that be all and then again if you're telling me that you don't have anyone else on your staff that's going to go with you on this camp while I'm writing I'd that that's I've never seen that are best painted it ever who's gone solo knocking door to door an aide with them of some sort yeah I I I think it what you do is you have to press secretary there during the interview alright just a model is not going to have to be a press secretary grab an intern from the office somebody just somebody that there's a buffer between the reporter in you I'm Tony Cruz he's will Clark Kentucky has more news when we return Louisiana governor is seeking.

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