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Gustav clermont mccullough charge any macintosh. An eminent said ti tiffany. Whose full name is louis comfort. Tiffany i was like oh my gosh yeah absolutely is funny when you hear the name and then you just see weird they would also be doing pigeonhole the sale because that wasn't the point But you can see like that every person can affect it into that eater. And obviously they didn't have to work the exact way. I associate with art novel. But when you see their bark you understand why associated with the new artform. However i'm just gonna of jumping and various of gender-balanced here because we've spoken very heavily meal artists really well. Yeah but there's also. But i think within the canon of our history like or the canon of history in general. You know it's written by. The vectors is written by the head horn shoes. Which of course for very long time remain. But i would just like to point you know just going from what i know. There was two very very talented. And i would go as far to see. Actually i am gonna farsi through way more talented than chose any macintosh and that was his way. If all our stuff was stunned. Enough senior horse market. Mcdonald's macintosh has waif who actually sadly she charles reminding to the later in life he actually to really unveil and she kind of became the logistics manager of has business and has architecture projects so. She's a really interesting person more interesting than not. Actually my favorite glasgow artist. Even though there were both born in england actually the studied and brought up in glasgow. Their father was a glasgow architect. As francis francis mcdonald's mcnair who mighty james mcnair and essentially the four of the mates glasgow school of art and before obviously charles belt the very infamous burnt down art school but was very and very sad twice. Known waits no you got is that was an grieve just been like. I don't want us to keep going on. It was just awful anyway. there are very important. Women artists an art nouveau. If you're listening you think watch the. I think i would quite like another episode on women. An art nouveau. Then let and and let us know. We'll happily do it am or if you're thinking you know what the head honchos but actually maybe we should. Do you know like the underdogs. Everyone loves a good underdog story. It's a challenge for me because obviously focused on the meal. Fate and all of a sudden like women were just the focus of it because they were the subject matter but i've never Into the woman that did in. That's purely that's on my shoulder. So i really should educate myself so yeah i would like to come back. We deem a sale all committed. Women are because. I always talk to my man. I always talk about him. And and yeah and you're in a heart's we do love. You is just beautiful. yeah amazing nicole. Thank you very much for coming back on for an of leading to this wonderful journey of art nouveau and more.

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