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Onto 93. Some delays now on the tee. The subway the red Line of David Square about 15 to 20 minutes behind schedule. Laurie Grandi WBC's traffic on the three Take a look at the four day WBZ AKI Weather forecast Change is in the air. Let's get into it with meteorologist in DeVore. The changes Maura about we get a little bit wetter and stormier versus this tranquil weather. The temperatures, you know, we had thought that there was a bigger plunging temperatures when this first front comes through over the weekend. This first batch of air doesn't look as cold as it did in the modeling week or so ago. Trust me, folks the rest of the month. There is gonna be cold there. In fact, it looks like the coldest and they're deep freeze for a few days. Potentially the end of the month itself. So this morning, Upper twenties low thirties we could go with a shower of rain or what? Snow on occasion or two in a few places, a lot of the time dry today up in the low forties. Still dry tonight into the day tomorrow, but then later tomorrow night into Saturday, we get some rain heavy at times, and then it dries out Sunday will feel colder. Real feels twenties and thirties with the blustery wind highs in the low forties. Is we dry out with some sunny breaks? Thank you with meteorologist Tina board WBZ. Boston's NewsRadio may look and feel like rain, but it's just damp. Here in Boston. 33 degrees Good morning 7 56 Coronavirus Times and a soft opening at Gillette Stadium For the first mass vaccination sites. Rollout of the mass vaccination side actual. It will start with giving out 300 vaccines a day to phase one residents at eventually ramp up to 5000 day starting on Monday. C I C health technology out of Cambridge is operating and managing the site, according to chief marketing and experience, Officer Rodrigo's Martinez,.

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