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Hello welcome to stories podcast i'm your host amanda weldon today story is called the goblins picnic written by daniel heinz inspired by the 1859 palm gobelins market by christina rosetti today story is being performed for you by our friend kelsea lee just a you know this is a halloween story so it's a little spooky today we like to say a special thank you to petty end dexter and their family dillon nina carly quincy an evie and their family hannah and her family and coal and charlie and their family thank you so much charlie coal hannah evie quincy carly nina dillon dexter and penny you are part of what makes it possible for us to continue to produce fund news stories for our listeners we also wanted to tell you about a new i tunes app for kids podcasts that we helped build it's called kids listen and it's on the i tunes app store it has nothing but kidfriendly shows curated by us and our kids show friends it's free just search kids listen on i tunes this october blue apron is celebrating its fifth anniversary by bringing back its top twenty recipes from throughout the past five years as picked by you the blue apron community many people don't realize this but since blue apron is all about giving people fresh recipes to explore they don't repeat recipes within one calendar year that's what makes this limited time only offer so exciting we hear it stories podcast love blue apron because research has shown that blue apron families cook together three times more often and cooking together build strong family bonds plus it's really easy i am a terrible cook and even i can manage it.

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