FBI, Yoshiro Mori, Jonathan Karl discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Of the Republicans that voted that this trial shouldn't even happen will follow that up with a vote of not guilty. At the end of this ABC is Jonathan Karl, the outfit that calls itself the oath keepers is targeted and new federal charges related to the insurrection last month with the Justice Department has thus find the oath keepers as a militia group. Which heavily recruits or tries to recruit former military law enforcement, fire and rescue personnel. That has been their M O, according to the FBI and Justice Department. And they've been accused of engaging in some of the organizing that went into the insurrection, and they've been accused of actually communicating with each other during the actual assault. A B C's Pierre Thomas president, Biden says the government will purchase 200 million doses of Corona virus vaccine now purchasing off vaccine supply to vaccinate all Americans vaccinate them by mid summer now attractive enough supply. For 300 million Americans. By the end of July, pointing to his predecessor, Mr Biden said that when he took office, there was no plan to vaccinate most of the country. After comments employing women talk too much. 83 year old Yoshiro Mori resigned as president of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee. The 84 year old widely reported to succeed Maury appears to be backing away from the job. The summer Games are supposed to begin in Tokyo in five months. You're listening to ABC News. Takeaway news. Radio time is 202 as House impeachment managers concluded there two days of opening statements.

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