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Sure. Yeah, it's like the sex offender registry. Why not already accountable for being a police officer in this country is a job that should come with tremendous response comes with tremendous responsibility. You're being given a gun. You're being given legal ability to kill someone. The amount of training should be ten times as much as it is because that's an incredible burden to take on yourself, you're gonNA tasked with controlling and being in charge of citizens, safety and And, you've got to really really reform the way that people get to earn that bad. That bad should be earned not giving after like eighty hours. Yeah, I pulled up some of the numbers actually from CNN and like these are just crazy, so in Florida, for example it takes seven hundred and seventy hours to become a police officer, and it takes seventeen hundred hours to become a licensed interior designer. Or find another state like in Michigan. It's five hundred and ninety four hours to become a police officer and four thousand hours to become an a license electrical sign specialist like just jobs like now like it takes them eight times the amount of hours there needs to be real reform, because it's such a burden to to walk with to carry that badge to carry a gun to be in charge of like your decisions could result in someone dying. I mean doctors decisions are in charge of someone dying, and that's an eight to ten year process to get to that point seven hundred hours I mean that's a fucking joke. You know so. I'm all for police reform that changes the way cops earned the bat. You have to earn the badge. You can't just be given absolutely. There was a petition that I saw you post. And then I reposted it where. Where it's requiring officers to go through extra screening and be reevaluated regularly for racial bias and also psychological disorders, for Mike, another thing that like why is this not already a thing? Yeah, I can imagine how much ptsd police officers must have from their experiences, and yet that can affect your performance on the job that should be regulated, I think actually required in like a fields. Yeah, yeah, Bravo liberties also. As well yeah? So I know you had just sad that you've never experienced this, but I did see a lot of questions that came in, and obviously you know you would look at you and see privilege, but you are Persian and with your family with your friends. Is this something in this country that you or people close to? You have experienced at all, so I've specifically not talked about systemic racism towards Persia people during this process because I think it's kind of like the all lives matter. It shifts such an important point which is the struggle for the African American community and makes it weirdly about me, you know. Have I experienced that absolutely just talking to MJ on the phone I was telling her example of that, but like I'm just not willing to make this movement about me, so I'm refusing to even like address that topic because that's not. Not, really being allied, but certainly any any Persian person at some point, maybe if you live outside of Los, Angeles but I lived in L. A. and I experienced. It has experienced some sort of xenophobic thing important of lives. Yeah, and that's the thing that it's like all the people commenting all lives matter. It's like all I. Can Mater once black lives matter? Literally all as matter is like the nails on a chalkboard to me. I I hate it is just to me. It screams ignorance. Put it in such childish terms to get those all lives matter people to actually understand like I saw a photo of someone on the ground, and they're like. Oh, no, my legs broken and they asked someone for help and the person's like well. What about my leg? Talking about the House on fire. Secure can you be like you have to light? Make someone else's suffering about you. fucking. Even WanNa save people of Color. Right. Now they're saying. This is just about the black community this conversation. Yeah, definitely so that was the important part that I wanted to talk about, but I do as Andy Cohen says want to switch gears. And get. told her. She got off all the shows on. UNITA host the Shaw's reunion yeah. Hey Andy. If you're sick I will fill in one thing that I wanted talk about because the first time you're on, Shenanigans, we discussed this, but then it got media coverage not from Shenanigans, and that was your relationship with Megan Markle. So, this has been a nightmare for. Not even going to address it again because it's been a nightmare, thank you for bringing it up though I'm not even being sarcastic I told an incidental story on shenanigans that I thought was like fun and Cutesy, and then I retold same story on another podcast, because again fun and cutesy in the back of my mind, I'm like this shit's already been out there. I talked to Sheen about this. And it went while like it went. It was on every major publication. I learned my lesson. Don't fuck with clean. Does. It was ridiculous. People get really crazy about Meghan Markle, and in no way was I trying to disrespect. Meghan Markle I. It was a compliment it to her I was saying she was so sweet in-kind. I heard this story a year ago. The scoop on the second time he did the podcast and must have just gotten the hands of the wrong person I. Just I apologize to Meghan. Sweet person and has always been nothing, but and I am leaving it. Thousand.

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