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If you got an a time machine four years ago and set it for twenty twenty, , your eyes would get wide for all kinds of reasons and the site of full teams superstars kneeling during the anthem with support from their coaches and owners and leaks. . That would be one of the most startling. . Players coaches. . Game officials alike, , all taking me in Orlando, , our full moment before the game during the national anthem all of the players wearing black lives matter shirts most of them taking a knee including Naperville Central Alum Casey short and team made Julia. . Earth's clearly emotions running high for both of them in that moment with a moment of silence here and respect pre-game in support of social justice seventeen different Texas rangers players took a knee during that moment including meadow door Robinson. . Torino's NFL is kicking off tonight and whether you cosigned the venue of his protest or not Colin Kaepernick did prove something that both sides of the aisle can agree up. . There is no ritual more sacred in American sports than the. . Star spangled banner. . It would be crazy to underestimate how it makes us feel. . Fans as citizens on all kinds of levels, , and if you're a musician performing the anthem, , I'm testing the microphone check one, , two, , your the one who channels almost emotions and identities in that pregnant moment. . Can you hear that John Batiste is from New Orleans. . Say Julia. . Grad. . Who among many hats leads the band for the late show with Stephen Colbert. . His latest take on the national anthem played before the first game of the NBA Restart in Orlando back in July. . When players took the court amid questions of how they keep the focus on social justice from inside the bubble. . Tonight's presentation of the national anthem has been recorded by musician producer activist and Louisiana Native John Booties. . This great to be here. . Thank you for having me. . So I wanna know what went through your mind when you're contemplating how to perform this particular song at this particular moment. . What did it mean to have this opportunity to remotely address this community amid a broader social movement in our country? ? Asking these questions of how we fit into society and what? ? Society owes us in what society continues to maintain the status quo have been questions that I've been wrestling with prior to. . All of the social unrest that we're seeing. . Wrestling with these questions in dealing with the dice, , sport influences of black music and really chronicling my own personal experiences, , a black man in America and as a musician from the south, , and you know this this moment presented itself. . And it really felt organic to step into it. . The anthem really being this combination, , this historical document if you will in our country. . There's also there seems to be a flavor of like to my on educated yearly southern rap kind of feeling the beats that you put in there. . There's the orchestra sound of drums. There's . maybe some Hendrix. . So I just want you to clarify what went into your arrangement. . Era Pablo you heard a lot. . So many strains of the black American experience. . Me Bay from the south ahead of bounce being. . That is something that I grew up here in all over the streets in New Orleans. . I. . Picked up the Guitar Midway through with this kind of nod to Jimi. . Jimi Hendrix version from. . Woodstock The Blues Music which came from sharecroppers and slaves that then evolved into rock and roll and RB. . Adding that to the anthem with the classical timpanist and the cello being the counter line to what I was playing on the piano. . Gives it this epic quality that I feel? ? I ask for a deserves. . If. . They were musicians. . What kind of activism would my heroes portray in a moment like this o'hare? ? And Counter John Lewis. . Out Gradually, , but we wanted to be free now. . mlk My poor little children. . Will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of skin but by the content of character, , I have a dream. . Now, , John Is there a particular rendition of the song throughout history that resonates with you. . is so many but you have to pick Whitney. . You know come on man. . Yes. . This was at ninety one super bowl at the beginning of the first. . Gulf War. . In ESPN history of that performance says the NFL wanted Whitney's version sped up and re recorded but. . Whitney said No. . WIT WITH KNEE HOUSTON. . Sings the anthem the way that it should be saw. . <music>. . Law. . John I gotta say the Marvin Gaye Nineteen Eighty three NBA all star game anthem that is the one song I have played at a party and people weren't immediately sure what it was, , but they were down man it took like maybe ten seconds you realize wait a minute this is the star spangled better I-. . Marvins version of the anthem shows you. . that. . You know. . I will culture and tradition to make lemonade. . You. . Could take something and you could filter it through the black. . Experience. . And what comes out on other side is just as soulful and is refreshing and as completely dope as anything. .

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