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Jeff Jenkins, Jackson Lincoln, Putnam County discussed on MetroNews Talkline with Hoppy Kercheval


The eleven three i'm jeff jenkins in the 965 fm and 580 wchs jess radio newsroom on his way to 88 today it'll end up partly sunny very warm and humid born accu weather coming up today the first day of school for several school districts in and around can are county including jackson lincoln and rome counties of course cannot county began earlier this week today is the first day of the school year of charleston catholic final preparations are underway wait today a putnam county where the school year will start tomorrow school superintendent john hudson we are up and ready and it started with a buck was to run and our students to rob a comoro hudson says he won't know for sure for a few weeks but it appears putnam county may see a bump in student enrollment this fall the charles demand charged in the february shooting death of a teenager on the city's these stand is scheduled to be in court later today for a pretrial hearing 62 your william podium faces the murder charge and the death of 15yearold genes means podium is currently scheduled to go on trial next week podiums attorney will seek a postponement of the trial in today's hearing september fifth these the trial date in connection with a couple of shooting deaths a case for murder this year and could all county fortytwo you'll bobby gene hall clint dented 38 you'll misty wrecker falling rock pleaded not guilty to endure arraignments this morning to charges in connection with death at a garrison avenue home back in february the next mayor of dunbar will be chosen to the council meeting next week there's an open sepa calls terry greenlee who was just reelected earlier this year took state job in ramir scott arnn it expects the vote next monday's council one three of them were running for murder informercial they obviously will of obviously will will vote for themselves leslie drop eight of the ten applicants for the job.

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Jeff Jenkins, Jackson Lincoln, Putnam County discussed on MetroNews Talkline with Hoppy Kercheval

MetroNews Talkline with Hoppy Kercheval 3 years ago

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