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Ronnie Montross, Anaheim, National Association Of Music discussed on The Eddie Trunk Podcast


Rainbow to a brand new TV show on access TV that has me traveling all over the country covering music festivals. And even outside of the country a couple of times, it's been absolutely an incredible year in a can't wait to see what? Twenty nine thousand nine has in store now right out of the gate. Some stuff is going on including the big Namm show, which is now coming up in a couple of weeks in Anaheim, California for those not familiar with nam or what it is. It is a huge expo of folks that sell and manufacture music equipment, drums, guitars, drums, sticks. Anything that makes music even recording studio cables effects anything that has to do with the creation of. Music is on display every year in January at Namm people come from all over the world to look at the new gear the vendors all have booths there and a lot of artists who endorse the gear contractually after show up. To name because they have to be there for their endorsements in a lot of them, get free stuff and free equipment. And once a year they have to show up at nam and meet with the vendors and maybe do a signing at the booth. The interesting thing about nam as anybody knows who's been there is that it was originally put together. And by the way, nam stands for national association of music merchandisers. And it was originally a very strict trade show. Eight is only an event for the retail music industry. But over the years, it has become somewhat of a fan fest, and you really need to be a vendor or a guest of a vendor to get on the expo floor and on telling you, this thing is enormous. But it's become such a thing that fans just like, you know, they want to go to it. And it really is not a fan thing. And it's really not open to the public. But fans wanna go to it, honestly. Because a lot of music. Hang out at it. And they look at it as a chance to do mean greet. And to that end some of the vendors even have signings and meet and greets at their booths. Which doesn't make a lot of sense when you consider it supposed to be an industry show, but it's become this mix of a lot of different things. And it is enormous enormous event. I've gone the last couple of years, I host a few things there, and I'll be going again for a wearing a bunch of different hats for years. I didn't go to them because it's just not something that I would go to unless I had a function. But the last few years I've had opportunities to do things there. One of which is an award show called the hall of heavy metal history, which is coming into its third year. And I will host once again, and that happens the Wednesday prior to nem at what used to be the Wyndham, and is now the Marriott just up the street from the expo center in Anaheim, so host that on. Day night Wednesday Thursday Friday, I'll do my volume show from their live with some guests. And I'll also host the Ronnie Montross remembered show, which is a Montross tribute that happens that Friday night and on top of all of that. I'm going to be shooting an episode of my access show trunk fast. So and that was the catalyst get me there. You know, I don't usually do stuff at Namm or go to nam unless there is something that brings me there. And then if there is then I'll build some other things around it. So when access came to me and said, hey, we'd like to do an episode of trunk fast for season two from them. Great idea. And they said we'll get you out there. We wanna do this than I extended the trip and built some other things around it. So it's going to be a busy run of time with a lot of cool things going on. And I'm I'm looking forward to that. That'll be the first road trip for me of this new year coming up in in. Jeez. Less than a couple of weeks..

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