Donald Trump, Lena Epstein, Senator discussed on On The Edge With Thayrone


The best of on the edge with the wrong you'd be insane to be any place else and in the runup to the donald trump election doesn't sixteen one of the big shot the promoters of donald trump on the show her name is lena epstein lena epstein about her on the show at some point the civil right now he wants to the senator center check out her website it is that the leader for senate dot com there's nothing there nothing rapid now the reason i mentioning her as i was listening to randy today on your defending fathers and i did not catch the steve gruber show but apparently if you listen to his last hour the archive steve gruber show you will hear lena epstein completely lost lost knob lena please come come back on shushmita short twice in the runup to the trump election but apparently she forgot apparent from everything i heard who she was campaigning for because she i guess as on record saying that she doesn't support trump tax plan act by should know anything about owner had to think about or needs more information and why didn't support.

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