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This breaks the emotional like spine of the franchise all this shit. All just happened. Very calmly sung king like weighing on podcasts and had these people on his podcasts and like nothing incendiary was said. No one was like shit talking. Anyone and everyone was just kind of like well. Yeah that sucks and then they just quietly did this thing. No one fucking nuhan was back in the movie until the trailer premiered which was at that time only two months before the movie was originally supposed to come out i. We all went like holy shit. How did they keep this a secret and hans in the trailer. He's back alive in. The tagline is justices coming. And you're just like there's nothing snarky or asshole holy about that. There's no kind of like jj. Like negating what ryan johnson did. That's literally listening like yeah. Fan kind of bmi. We kind of agree guys. We'll we'll go fucking patch. This thing that happened happened. We're not negating anything. But there has to be an atonement for this. There has to be consequences for this right. We have to accept this as a heavy reality so like that shit is so good. I don't know what it was like with your audience but seeing this the second time the audience broke out into applause when they show hans face on a computer screen for the first time. Yup when terzhe is like. There's one more photo that came up. You guys better brace yourselves applause break when they reveal that. Han is the sniper on the rooftop applause break before the reveal of the sniper in my screening when the first sniper shot hit someone screamed han lau because it was just so. Perfect like yeah. Yeah it's going to be and and when he walks into like the secret layer another applause break. We're talking about well. We're talking about number twelve on the call sheet and yeah. This is the reaction he gets from the cry right. And this is chain you went. This was not forced upon us. You know this is not because he's the most beloved character from sixty years of the comics or whatever because they cast hot actor or whatever like and addie way texting me while she's watching these movies for the first time right and got to tokyo drift and was like this guy. Han is unbelievable. This is like the coolest actor i've ever seen. It's such a bummer. That they kill him in this movie. She's watching three genuinely not knowing that this franchise is about to bend its entire chronology into pretzels. Just to just just to have him be one ninth of the team right. She doesn't know that he's the fan favourite. She doesn't know the movie series is going to work overtime to keep him around but her immediate impression is this is the coolest guy i've seen in any of these movies. Ramona had one of my best and oldest friend's sits next to me at the draft house. Screening she has only seen hobson. Shaw she has not seen any mainline fast and furious. He comes on screen and she goes. This guy's got the most swag i've ever seen he kinda and immediately. There's a movie gives ever seen in a movie. That's all about everyone trying to be as cool as possible. She just kind of went. Holy shit the way. This guy walks. Yeah well it's the snacking too. And that's yes i it's arguably iconic to watch him pop chips in his mouth like it's not just fucking underplays. Everything it is all so unforced and natural for him and it's fun to see him too because he aged. I love that and the haircut was a really great decision on part of that. I read lynn saying that like you know because they had made the. The flashback wig for when you have. Those flashback scenes. No i want to age. Some tang as an actor into his steve mcqueen period like not the young hotshot kid with the slicked back hair devil-may-care attitude anymore. I want to each him into like being like a legendary fucking. Like paul newman. Cool guy he and he sits on him well. We like a little bit of weight and a little bit of like. I'm a forty five year. Old man look and he looks fucking. Great feels feels real. It feels like in a movie full of people who don't look that human like retirees and ludicrous. Are some of the smoothest handsomeness motherfuckers in a movie. Gerardo is got so much makeup on that. He got zero blemished from forehead to fuck contain lewis. It looks like they line him up every other minute like they interrupt shots to have his barber. come in. i like every wise. Baby hairs done inventory each realize between lines when it's on the other actor they run and quickly they gotta. It's like one of those. James cameron things where it's like. The technology was actually invented. We've found silent hair buzzers. Yes we can keep test lined up during other people's right but like i. It is nice that he's the most human of all these guys but also is just naturally the fucking coolest. There's something about the way. He carries himself that it just in a movie. Full of this are magnificent seven. It's like yeah everyone is trying to fuck out. Act each other out. Swag each other out be cool each other. Is this fucking generous team spirit and you even just look at the fact. I remember this being so fucking like startling watching fast five. And there's so much more conversation about like asian-american representation in media now than than there was ten years ago when fast five came out right and and you know this went viral on twitter recently. But like someone i forget who it was but it was like a screen writer or someone who works in the industry right with a blue check said like a studio executive said to me the other day and people were interpreting this every single way of like. Is this a damning thing. Is this like shitty cynical thing. What is this. But just saying. Like the fast and furious franchise did more for diversity in hollywood than every twitter campaign combined. But i think that is fundamentally true because Hollywood is a bad place..

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