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Spent five twenty closed for the weekend for over the a mid span and we have told me that this started in the ninety nine total our next report is a one thirty four but the Smith call traffic we saw some showers around western washable keep those throughout the afternoon temperatures in the mid fifties are warm spots tomorrow also mid fifties mostly cloudy on Sunday few showers in the morning sun breaks in the afternoon and for veterans day we are partly sunny and new sixty degrees in the coming of the son of theirs on someone's your guide to a really great financial future I couldn't remember the exact breakpoint on married filing jointly so I looked it up it's four hundred and ninety six thousand dollars so yeah I can run into that not that case eight five five nine three five talk eight five five nine three five eight two five five well when you do also have to remember the new net tax forgot about that one hello that's the extra but this again that's even unlikely because it's a quarter of a million married filing jointly so it would really require both of you going in the long term care about the same time it that parties possible that's a three point eight percent tax so the again avoiding it not much later there are many ways really if you've got a taxable gain you eventually have to pay the tax on it eight five five nine three five talk and twan your next welcome to talking real money Hey John how are you good thank you Sir how are you.

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