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In the next 20 something then get him in 805, too. Will one of 67 or Instagram Twitter striker Incline? One of the I guess I would say it's a highlight of what kind It's just 81 forces so not topical. That's so great. Ernest didn't go to camp that's really good. That could be a top 10. That's right up my alley. Not a tough It is for me on the sharp in the paper. The top did make me chuckle. Not as much as Mike Pence Lord of the flies, but all all strong and we appreciate them. They're streaming through. On. It's great to see them coming in from a bunch of new cities as well. Thank you and again quickly. If you're new to mash tags, you two this week is 2020 a movie. Anything that's happened in 2020 mash it up with any movie put him together for one title. And that is a mash tag like 95 ones. I think I got it from my cousin Vinny Grace, even common Phillips. Now 657 didn't change anything. But we appreciate that. Nonetheless, we're going to remember many events from this year. But for me in the top Three is the animal takeover, which we've mentioned quite a bit on the show. The animals have gotten so comfortable walking into our space, whether it's in Lake Tahoe like actually walking into somebody's cabin and opening the refrigerator not busting through a window but using their PA To twist the door open. We've gotten dumber everything that has made a smarter, smart car Smartwater smartphones has actually just Almeida's dumber. The animals have figured it out, and they're getting smarter because they used to see human. And that meant that, like there were three seconds away for someone shooting a bow and arrow, Adam now We're pulling out phones and trying to take pictures and be like I was going to go huge on Tic tac and the animals have got wise to it. And the animals are like, hold on. Ah, They're just trying to dance with me. They don't want to kill me. So now they have no fear, and they used to just go away. Or like if we were out in about a bear wouldn't just come up and try to hang with you. And now that is not the case. I have some previous examples and a brand new animal takeover. First stopped. Remember this one. This boar? Did something to a gentleman on a beach. This man was enjoying the beach when a wild boar grabbed his bag and took off. Not wanting to be defeated. The man got up and started chasing the boar and her two babies wearing nothing, but his confidence was naked Onlookers laughed at the spectacle. Demand eventually got his bag which did contain his laptop, and he was entertained by the picture. Sefton him, he was. Ah, yeah, he was nude sunbathing out there on that board just took all this, but he brought his laptop. So he was working on some kind of naked screenplay. I mean, You read too well on the beach. I probably could have been any of our coworkers doing assume, because that's the idea Now you can do it from anywhere. So handsome guy that you're working with. Just think of your least attractive coworker probably sitting there naked, zooming with you right now. Next up. Remember this this particular bills, but a lot of bears When it comes to the animal take over. This one was in Mexico. Heart stopping video out of Mexico shows a moment of black bear walks right up to a group of hikers and begin sniffing a woman's hair bear, apparently quite interested in this one young woman in particular, Omar, That's the Omar affairs going up there and give a nice, creepy sniff. Well, with all the water, cucumber, melon and all the weird crap that we put in shampoo Now I mean bears, it makes sense that bears are confused. Sally, this bear chose this lady in particular. There were a lot of people around, walked right up to this lady. And then listen. What happens A woman's hair the bear, apparently quite interested in this one young woman in particular, and she was hiking with several other people when this happened, and now some people might screamer try to run in a situation like this, But this young woman and her friends are all Pretty nonchalant about the whole thing. In fact, the woman whips out her cell phone to take a selfie with the bear. And the bear stands up next to her on its hind legs, clearly ready for its close up and then rips her head right off her body That did not happen. Last one is this bison attack? California woman is in the hospital because she was goodbye A bison in Yellowstone National Park, but F y I She just wasn't minding her own business and walking through the park stained 30 40 yards away. She was what King up to this bison, intense trying trying take itself in course, that's always the case. So I know you're supposed to feel bad when you hear a story of like when we got trampled by a herd of elephants, But You don't really feel bad when you realize they put themselves in that position because they wanted to go up there, and they weren't okay, using zoom they needed to. They wanted to be as close as possible. They wanted to get up there and get the action. It's all for the likes. Right. So we have a new animal attack. Now we dio and we'll take over Tanque Sicilian attack there. CNN reporter named Joe Johns The steward's gone viral. He was broadcasting outside of the White House within the gates and An animal. Let's just say disturbed him get there is Ah now. Is that the animal? The reporter? That's the reporters report. Who just does. The president tried to scare him away, starts yelling at this animal and gets right back into his report. There is ah! Now, no events on the president's schedule today and important to say, White House Man. He's going No, so he starts. He stops in the middle to get the raccoons kind starts walking up to him again. That's the raccoons are supposed to be. You're not supposed to see them like they're supposed to operate in the shadows of the night. It's like when I know when we get up for this job. It's very early and one of the strange things. I will see raccoons and skunks and rats and I'll see them kind of in their nap. Possum. They're all out doing their thing. When, like, normally during the day, you don't see them unless I think they're they got the Rabies. That's when they're out during the day when they're all confused. Yeah, but now that we're working from home, they're working overtime. They can make their own hours now. They don't have to work at night. Well, this guy's definitely a professional, but you haven't heard where he gets put on tilt a little bit by this record now, no events on the president's schedule today and important to say the White House, especially from the dam. African raccoons again. That's the second time Jesus Coming around right about what? I'm gonna.

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