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Drink on the train Nikki Madore mornings on your radio and smart speaker in a G 08 10. What else has to happen in this Congress? That's Tim Ryan, representative from Ohio in that famous speech that was obviously about the insurrection on January, the sixth, But there's the same sense of consternation and And worry here. How do we fix this on? I honestly I don't know the answer. I'm just Listening to you guys. Let's go to San Jose. Hi, Denny. I believe his name. Hi, Danny. Thank you for having me on one of the things that I thought about is what they should do is before any gun is sold. Either two of gun shop where shipped a gun shop or at the gun shop before it so that they do it, Uh, test fire of the guns. And keep the ballistic tests so they have it on on file. Yeah, great idea, actually, because that way, and when you first of all, it might solve some crimes ahead of a lot faster because Don't have a sample of the boy and the right rifling of the bullet, you know, so that way they don't because every right points like a fingerprint there. Is that gonna help here, though, is that that zits not gonna help today, though, That's the problem might not help. But another thing That could be done is, uh, you know, maybe set up some sort of locking systems. On guns where you know the guns. It's not a lot of nice. Easy to shoot, you know a gun deals. God, I don't know how we would be done, You know, you see, sometimes that man you are. We're on the same page, didn't I? You know, it's like you're making a heartfelt and impassioned plea for common sense to come back in the discussion. And it's just seems like it's in a different time zone. I It's It's so heartbreaking. Thanks for the call. I think that you're right. I think that there are ways to stop. Traditional violence but mass shootings. I mean, this kind knew these people that worked really well, what made him do this to these people he knew I mean, obviously most handsome, You know, we've already found out the next girlfriend said. You know he was abused her. And, you know, maybe these people would work already knew it. I doubt this was a Jekyll and Hyde thing. Um, let's go to Jim and Davis. Jim, you're on kgo. Thanks for the call. Appreciate you being here. Thank you, Chip. I suggest maybe they enforce the laws that are already on the books so that would that have stopped today? Well, maybe his his girlfriend had gone in for a domestic violence or something like that. That the possibility there's a couple of recent examples of high profile people getting off, you know. Of gun violations. You have Hunter Biden disposing of a gun. Member that one I don't remember that now, but I'm not seeing her. I'm not saying you're wrong. I'm just saying that that's not that's not what we're talking about. And I well done, Jim. Jim. I appreciate I appreciate it, but that that tangent right there. Makes gives me pause. How do we stop people from using? Um, for lack of a better word? These assault rifles, these ones we can put magazines in with an air 15. I've done it before, and I got 76 rounds off in 60 seconds and I was fumbling around. So if somebody knew what he was doing could shoot 101 120 people in a minute. That's not what Madison intended. Would you agree? He's gone. Okay, I'm I just don't want to talk about Hunter Biden. That's has nothing to do with this conversation. Let's go to Todd and Brentwood. Todd, Thanks for hanging on. I had to do it Good. I agree with you about the high capacity magazines. The problem is you go out of state and get up. All right. Well, we have to make a federal a federal law. Yeah, One other thing is, you know that you could call CPS on a bad parent. They come and they and they They take a look around. Take your kids that they have to Why can't they do something like that? With guns? Well, then this is just red flag thing was for right the idea that if we if we see somebody that we think is acting in a way that makes us worry because they have access to weapons. Then you know again, Child Protective Services doesn't deal with adults, you know, And then they imagine there's a certain abundance of proof other than a cold call, but the red flag Is a different thing entirely. You know, it's people that are close to this person. They either work with them and they come by. They talked to him. Um, what do you think about the idea of a psych evaluation? If you want to own a firearm, you gotta and you're under 26. You gotta get a psych evaluation. I see no problem with it. I mean, I mean, I don't multiple guns, and I wouldn't have a problem taking that evaluation. I've been around my whole life. I don't have a favorable impression of guns personally. On Di Did I learn to shoot when I was little? My father took me out. Shut up. 45. I couldn't hear for three days. Yeah, I mean, you know there were my dad before I was born. My oldest sister told me when my dad was in Korea. Hey, had left the pistol up on the shelf and my mother probably took it out to show the girls. I have four older sisters. And she took it. She shot indeed another was a bullet in the chamber and went to the ceiling. You know, So again, we all assume that everybody that has weapons knows exactly what the hell they're doing, And that's obviously not the case. It is not the case at all. Not the case with that I'd be safe and thank you. Something needs to be done. No need to find some to do that. Everybody will agree on and go from there. Thanks for the call. Bye. Be safe, right? Let's go to Francisco Francisco. You're on kgo. Which of Franklin? Thanks for the call. Appreciate it. Yeah, We just basically need a band a second minute, to be quite honest, because every single study that I've seen you look at Professor Stanford, John Donnie. He wrote a bunch of Really good empirical reviews about the more guns, their artistic side, the more gun related crimes and more murders, Esso Until we do that, we're still going to be happening. Shootings not only in San Jose, but we're having shootings all the time, and until it happens so Family friend, one of our kids. Unfortunately, nothing is gonna change. That's honestly what it really has to happen, and it's sad because I'm from that area over there. I went to school and of the state. And I was a terrible death of major and I read John Lott's nonsense and its immediate Z. It's so sad. It's so sad. My friends at our own guns I will never own a gun in my life. You know, just because how danger it is and like you said, like the other caller said, and what you said in your story. It's just It's so sad that people have these weapons that are meant.

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