DRC, Kinshasa, Electoral Fraud discussed on BBC World Service


Let's start with that story in the DRC a surprise result in the presidential elections and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The opposition candidate Felix Jesse Katie has been declared the winner and will succeed longtime rural ruler Joseph Kabila, but defeated candidate Martin Fowler rejected category. Got categorically the preliminary results. You know, more than anybody that these Brooklyn mission is the result of fake and invented results entirely for big kitted in the back offices of the governing FCC Patty these results their nomination yadi at the ballot boxes. This is clearly unacceptable electoral fraud, which has been shown to provoke generaux disorder across the hall of the national territory. We cannot accept that the wheel over people is not being respected. We cut the collegiate to the result published by Mr. Nanga, the head of the electoral commission. Let's go live now to the DRC and speak to the BBC's guys Quimby who's overlooking. The city as I think in Kinshasa there is a bit of delay on the line. So just bear. With us goes what's the latest in terms of reactions that the country's waking up to this result? What? So in terms of reaction, so far the tone of Kinshasa is kind of divide it you have people in the limited area. That's where he's based Hugh, the headquarters of.

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