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K sro right he's in the these nominations were announced today and joining us good friend of this show hank stewart from the washington post he is their tv critic welcome back thanks for doing it thanks for having me ami day it's day how many emmys it takes forever just to just read the whole list yeah i mean i've been around a long time and i've been following the emmys for a long time it seems like there's so damn many nominees and then then he gets up the press releases from every single now i am box but it's like net flicks a hundred and twelve nomination no one hundred and eight nominee seventy eight nominees and it's like how i mean of course a lot of those are the categories but still out like every everything they've ever put on tv in the last year no matter whether it's good or not is gets nominated yeah well you throw a lot of spaghetti against the wall let me ask you before we get into the nominations i'm looking at this you've you've got some books one is called offramp adventures and heartache in the american elsewhere brilliant book i'm sure it is what is it about it's a collection of essays and articles that i did in one thousand nine hundred ninety s and two thousand so like yesterday you know it's it's it's sort of a romp through the united states and culture and people and strangeness cool and then tinsel a search for america's christmas present i make a.

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