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Who then created highly questionable and created the environment. That is exactly my radio show now because you hadn't at PTI. I mean, don't be falsely modest about that. I'm what I'm saying is. So what am I saying? That's wrong. This is all right. But you recognize what do I like working with by like working with Dan laboratory? I like are working with Bill Simmons. I like working with Jason Whitlock. I like working with Pablo Tori, I like working with Scott fan. I like working with Keith Olbermann. What is the common denominator here? It's massive talent. It's talent and sense of humor. It's smart and funny. Any it always always comes to smart and funny, doesn't it? Well, that's what made you different. That's why the radio show was different. That's why. Because it was smart and funny, you were doing something come on owning sports radio was really dumb back. Then like, I don't. I mean, I listened to it. I well, I did listen to Chris and Mike. And I didn't think they were dumb at all. I didn't think they would. So I didn't listen to the rest of home. But you're saying if I'm not gonna have athletes on it. I'm not gonna have callers on because I'm not going to have these people do my job for me because I got a job better to terms of entertaining. An audience is a very low bar to jump over the idea of whether or not you can do something better than ask. Joe Gibbs cliche questions. You know, what I mean like that for a living because I had to get a column, right? But radio allowed you the ability to just go wherever you wanted within whatever part of your personality, you wish to explore hundred percent, buddy. It's also you can tell you can listen to somebody on radio twenty minutes, even though immediate. They any good at this. How much better they really going to get you know, you can tell you can tell what do you like about radio explain to the audience? Why do you love it so much? Well, you keep using the word radio. And I keep sort of pushing back and saying podcast because I think that podcast give you even more freedom freedom than radio because what I was saying before I just like the ability to sit around, and and I don't know that this is I don't know that all radio shows are this all talk radio shows or this. They aren't but I like the ability to sit around with people that I like and discussing agenda that interests me, it's very selfish. It's extraordinarily selfish. What you find out is that you know, if I have a hundred and fifty thousand listeners a day that means in the United States of America, three hundred twenty five million people aren't listening. Okay. They are the people that are listening are listening for me. The people that are listening to your radio show or lifting for you. The people listen to Rush Limbaugh listening for him the people listen to Howard Stern are listening for him..

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